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Kerala Youth Risking Their Life, Performing Nillu Nillu Challenge

Sometimes when I think of our youth, which includes me, of course, all that comes out of my mouth is, “Fuck, Why?”

Recently while browsing through the internet, I stumbled upon this new kind of Tik-Tok challenge, known as Nillu Nillu Challenge. It got inspired by the world famous Ki-Ki challenge, but it is much more than just kiki challenge. It is more irritating, more useless and not to forget more risky.

nillu nillu challenge

But it seems like this is the only thing Kerala youth wants to do for now. Dance on Nillu Nill challenge.

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What is this Nillu Nillu challenge?

Started as a simple scripted funny dance video with our youth jumping in front of a two-wheeler driven by their friends. But soon the Kerala youth seems to be obsessed with this challenge and decided to take a notch up, or may I say make it worse.

In this nillu nillu challenge, people jump off in front of a moving vehicle to make it stop and once it is stationary, they start dancing like crazy with song nillu nillu playing in the background. Nillu nillu means stop-stop when translated into English.

nillu nillu challenge

Because of the popularity of this challenge, this song has started to come up on everyone’s suggestion. Viral videos from this new challenge have even flooded the social media of Kerala.

What we think

Jumping in front of a moving vehicle is not even safe in a video game. Then why these idiots are trying to take risk with their real lives.  That means they can’t restart the level? If they die, they die.

Moreover, they are not just risking their own lives, instead, the person who is driving might also get injured.

nillu nillu challenge

ViralBake Telegram

Kerala police have issued a state warning, asking youth not to get carried away with this challenge and risk their life along with the lives of other people.

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In Conclusion

It is not something funny, you are not just risking your life by performing this ridiculous challenge. You are not going to be considered cool, society will only call you an idiot. And you might also regret your life if for god sake something bad happens.

Don’t be a fool, be a flower, so that your presence can make everyone around you smile and not make them wonder why the fuck this guy is even here, performing this useless challenge.

Watch the video here:

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