14 Rituals in Hindu Wedding Ceremony that You Can Not Skip

Are you getting married or planning a wedding for someone? No matter why you wish to learn about the wedding ceremonies, I am here to help you with the problem. Please read this article to learn about each and every ceremony involved in the wedding.

Although I have tried to put the ceremony in the most common chronological order, it can vary from culture to culture. So, ensure that you confirm the order with the elderly people from your family before fixing the wedding.

1. Roka Ceremony

The Roka Ceremony is the first ceremony held between the two families and also the first step towards a new life. It is an official consent between both the parties that is shown by exchanging gifts, fruits, sweets and dry fruits.

2. Engagement Ceremony

An intimate event that is cherished between the close family members, the engagement ceremony involves exchanging rings between the couple. It is basically a formal announcement of the wedding among the society that happens months before the main event.

3. Mehendi Ceremony

One of the most important ceremonies of a wedding is Mehendi when henna is applied to the hands and feet of the couple in their own houses. This hour-long ceremony happens 3 days before the wedding amidst dancing, singing and music of dholak.

4. Sangeet Ceremony

The most fun event of a wedding is Sangeet when all the ladies gather together to sing and dance. People choose dholak or dj for the music and then give dance performances and more a day before the wedding.

5. Tilak/Sagan Ceremony

Sagan ceremony requires the family members from the bride’s family to visit the groom’s house and put kumkum on his head. This event also involves music, dance and great food to cherish.

6. Haldi Ceremony

The most auspicious ceremony of all time is the Haldi Ceremony where a holy mixture of haldi with other important herbs is prepared and put on the bride and groom’s body at their separate houses.

7. Phere

The final ceremony that ties the bride and groom together forever are pheres. These could be done around fire, holy book or anything else depending on the cultural background of the two families.

8. Vidaai

Vidaai is the final part of the wedding ceremony where the bride’s family bids farewell to the bride and groom. Groom takes his bride to his house which becomes her new house.

9. Dwar Rokai Ceremony

Dwar Rokai Ceremony is a fun ceremony where the groom’s sisters stop the newly wed couple at the gate of the house. It is a fun argument between the groom and his sisters where the sisters score some money in exchange for letting them enter the house.

10. Griha Pravesh Ceremony

Griha Pravesh is a formal entrance ceremony of the bride and groom after the wedding where the bride pushes a kalash full of rice using her right toe. Then she may also be asked to put her feet in kumkum and leave her prints on a white bedsheet.

11. Reception

Reception is not a mandatory ceremony but it is there to introduce the bride to the groom’s side of the family. There are no set rules for this ceremony and people can plan it however they like.

12. Mooh Dikhai Ceremony

During the reception, the ceremony of Mood Dikhai happens which just like the name means showing the face of the bride to the groom’s side of the family. It involves offering gifts and money to the bride when people see her face.

13. Blessing Ceremony

The Blessing Ceremony involves both the families getting together after the whole ceremony till the end. The bride’s family members visit the girl’s house and offer blessings and gifts to both of them. The groom’s family members also share gifts with the couple as their blessing.

14. Pag Phera Ceremony

After everything, the last ceremony of the entire wedding is Pag Phere where the brother of the bride brings her back to her parent’s house. She stays with her parents for around 3 days and then her husband comes to take her back to her new house completing the entire ceremony.


These were all the ceremonies that happen during the course of a wedding and you may not skip any of these. Also, there is a chance that your family has a special set of rituals that you need to plan for. So, ensure that you have a conversation with the seniors of your house before finalising anything.

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