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Russia Dropped Bomb At Ukraine Shelter With Thousand Civilians

Ukraine has made a claim that Russian Army has bombed a theatre that was sheltering more than a thousand civilians in city of Mariupol. But the Russian government has immediately given a response and said that we have not struck any building like that and Ukraine is making false accusations. Western countries are angry about this and United States has decided to speak with Russia.

United Nations top court International Court of Justice has given an order yesterday to Russia and asked to suspend all its invasion plans into Ukraine. The higher court has said that it is concerned about the power and forces that Russia is using against Ukraine. Judge Joan Donoghue gave a final decision on a pending case at International Court of Justice and said, “The Russian Federation shall immediately suspend military operations that it commenced on 24 February on the territory of Ukraine.”

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On Thursday a local council from city of Mariupol, Ukraine posted on Telegram and said, “Today, the invaders destroyed the Drama Theatre. A place, where more than a thousand civilians found refuge. We will never forgive this.” This has increased the international outrage against Russia.

Russia and Ukraine are continuously talking to each other in Belarus and none of the conversations are giving any output. In recent update Ukraine rejected the offer to remain a neutral country like Austria and Sweden. This might outrage Russia as this would have been a great opportunity for Ukraine to end the crisis now.

In a first US has also made a first high level contact between Russia and Ukraine. Jake Sullivan, US National Security Adviser talked to Nikolay Patrushev, Secretary of Security Council of Russia and said “If Moscow is serious about diplomacy then Moscow should stop attacking Ukrainian cities and towns.”

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