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Baddass Russians Dress Up As ‘BUS’ To Cross A ‘Vehicle-Only’ Bridge

You must have heard the term Baddass being used all the time, especially when someone talks in regards to Russians.

Now you may wanna know why right?

Let me tell you. Its because Russians are creative. They are awesome folks who do things differently. And sometimes they end up doing things that are way out the league. The same thing happened when a bunch of Russians figured out the most creative idea to cross a ‘vehicle-only’ bridge.

The two-kilometer-long Zolotoy Bridge in Vladivostok

This bridge in Russia is the world’s 12th longest cable-stayed bridge. It was built in preparation for the  2012 APEC Summit but the sad part was that in 2015 the government banned pedestrians from using the bridge.

Only vehicles were allowed to cross to the other side. Obviously, people were outraged by this decision and several residents of Vladivostok even protested against it. But it had no effect whatsoever on the ban.

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But wait, there had to some creative protest!

Eventually, when Russians realized that a regular protest isn’t going to help them, they thought of something creative. So, a bunch of Russians crafted a yellow cardboard bus and wore it as a vehicle in disguise to cross the bridge.

Russians bus costume protest

Yeah, they really did that.

Russians bus costume protest

But the security guard quickly caught up to them and asked them to turn back.

Russians bus costume protest

However, the whole thing was captured by a woman who was driving on the same bridge.

ViralBake Telegram

Russians bus costume protest

She can be heard speaking in Russian,’Where did they come from? This is beautiful. It’s art. Why are they kicking them out?”

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See it for yourself:

In Conclusion:

No wonder, it is one of the cutest protests I have seen so far. And most hilarious as well. Even though their plan failed, the video definitely made them stars overnight for coming up with such creative idea. The video has already been viewed over 20,ooo times and people can’t help but laugh at it.

However, in the most positive way possible because clearly, no protest could have been more appropriate than disguising oneself as a vehicle to cross a ‘vehicle-only’ bridge.

I hope now the government lifts up the ban. I would have if I saw people doing such creative protests!

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