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Sachin’s Strong Opinion On Dhoni’s Retirement Debate Will Make You Respect Him More

Sachin Tendulkar and Mahendra Singh Dhoni are the two names of cricket industry that need no introduction whatsoever. But today, the question doing rounds revolves around something else.

Indian cricket team couldn’t make it to finals of the ICC World Cup 2019. With this, the speculations about Dhoni’s retirement took its toll and everyone came up with their versions of his his retirement plans.

What are Dhoni’s retirement plans?

Dhoni's Retirement

Sachin had his glory days during his cricket reign and when he retired, hearts of million of fans sanked. Thankfully, Dhoni was there to take his place and take Indian cricket to new heights.

Now that Dhoni is planning to retire, everyone has his own version of why and how and when. Though, Dhoni still hasn’t spoken about it yet, people believe that soon he will drop the exit bomb and leave team India to proceed for his retirement.

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Sachin’s words on Dhoni’s retirement

dhoni and sachin

Being the veteran player, Sachin knows how to appreciate a true cricketer. His lines aptly justifies the views he has about Dhoni.

According to Sachin, “How many guys can have a career like this? He has had a special career. The support and belief that people have in him is a reflection of his contribution. People still believed that he could go and finish the game. The game was not over till the time he was out there.”

Sachin had very clear opinion on Dhoni’s retirement plans. He said, “That’s his personal decision [end of 50-over career]. Everyone should give him that space and respect that. Everyone should respect what his contribution to India cricket rather than starting speculations. After having contributed so much, he should be the one taking that decision.”

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So, was this Dhoni’s last match?

virat kohli and dhoni

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Regarding yesterday’s match and Dhoni’s performance, he said ,”Well, look, it’s always, you know, a safer option to look at it from outside and say, ‘Maybe this could have happened’ but I think today he was batting with Jadeja and there was only Bhuvi (Bhuvneshwar Kumar) to follow after. So he had to hold one end together in my opinion.”

Well, according to Kohli this might not be Dhoni’s last match. Kohli says, ” No he hasn’t told us anything as of now.”

He also backed up Mahi’s approach and added, ” I think it had to be the right balance of one guy holding an end (Dhoni) and Jadeja playing the way he did. His knock was outstanding.”

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In Conclusion:

Amidst the wave of grief that India couldn’t make it to the finals, another sad news is about to be broken to cricket enthusiasts if Dhoni announces retirement. Thankfully, the day isn’t today. But who knows, how soon will this day come.

Cricket afterall is the most unpredictable game and Dhoni undoubtedly was its king and always will be revered in that manner even when he quits.

What do you think about Dhoni’s retirement?

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