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13 Sacred Games Quotes That Prove Religion Is A Self-Replenishing Business

Even if you turn the pages of the most anti-web series book ever written, it will fall short of reasons that might prompt you to not watch Sacred Games. The maiden Indian web series on Netflix has enough catered by Vikram Chandra to ensure the scriptwriters don’t have to put additional efforts to picture the same.

Moreover, God and Religion have been important elements of Sacred Games, particularly in Gaitonde’s journey. From Nawazuddin Siddiqui aka Gaitonde being depicted as agnostic in the wee episodes to him being involved with the faith business later, the series steadily reveals the impact of forced-dharma over an individual. It also stresses the idea of religion that can consume innocents while promoting terrifying beliefs.

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Interestingly, Gaitonde has his own perceptions about religion that hit the right areas.  Moreover, his penchant for not shying away from speaking them out – no censorship advantages – allow us a chance to rethink the term “religion” as a whole.

So before Sacred Games 2 gets upon you, herein we rewind 13 quotes from Season 1 that proves modern religion is a mere self-replenishing business.

1. The everlasting tiff

season 2

2. Bhagwan Ko Mante Ho?


3. Politics Ek Dharm Hai

sacred games

4. Hindu Hotel. We Bake Unwanted Stories

saif ali khan

5. Dharmo Ka Roop


6. We All Are A puppet In His Game

7. A Lesson Taught By The Supreme

sacred games

ViralBake Telegram

8. Sigh!!

9. What’s Beyond Religion?


10. Apocalypse!!

web series

11.Dhandha Or Dharm. Synonym?

web series on netflix

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12. Uhh!! Caste System

caste system

13. Jhooth Aur Sach

What’s your favourite quote from Sacred Games?

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