Safeguard Your Health By Avoiding These Foods In Monsoon

Monsoon and food make an unbeatable combo. Crunchy Samosas and Pakoras with a cup of tea or have some Paani puri. Planning to have your favorite mouth-watering food combination sounds great unless and until you become aware of the health hazards these foods can bring in the monsoon. Dig in to find out about the foods that you must exclude from your diet in this rainy season.

List of Foods To Avoid This Monsoon

Safeguard Your Health By Avoiding These Foods In Monsoon

You may love monsoons but cannot deny the fact that it is the season that brings harmful and infectious diseases. To enjoy this season to the fullest, one needs to be careful about their food choices. To ensure that your health does not get compromised this rainy season, avoid these food combinations.

Green Leafy Vegetables

Safeguard Your Health By Avoiding These Foods In Monsoon

Yes, you heard it right, we are talking about green and leafy vegetables. Some may argue that these are always on the top of a healthy diet list and we are not denying that. A study in Applied and Environmental Microbiology in 2015, has shown that green leafy vegetables rich in dietary fiber, magnesium, zinc, and iron, are the most prone to housing a variety of bacteria and fungi – all of which get the most conducive environment to grow in monsoons. In case you are having them, do not forget to wash them with salt water.

Fish and Seafood

Safeguard Your Health By Avoiding These Foods In Monsoon

Love seafood? You can have them after bidding goodbye to the rainy season. Fishes have eggs inside them which when consumed can cause stomach infection or severe food poisoning along with a high risk for waterborne diseases. One more reason to avoid seafood is that it can contribute to stabilizing the ecological balance.

Oily And Spicy Food

Safeguard Your Health By Avoiding These Foods In Monsoon

Oily, greasy, and fried food might be good for your taste buds but it is a good choice for your stomach. Having oily and spicy foods during monsoons can cause abdominal and digestive problems like gastronomical complications, bloating, and an upset stomach.

Peeled Fruits

Safeguard Your Health By Avoiding These Foods

Contagious flu can come to you if you consume food that is left in the open for long periods. Avoid having peeled and chopped fruits and vegetables which are sold like that or even if you keep them uncovered at home. If you wish to have fruits, make sure they are fresh. Peel or chop them right before eating or store them in airtight containers if needed.

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No Street Foods In Monsoon

Safeguard Your Health By Avoiding These foods

The love for exploring different varieties of street food gets doubled in the monsoons. But that’s not a good thing to go for sure. Uncovered and open food stalls and the use of contaminated water to cook the street food can cause severe stomach infections and you may land up in trouble. If you want to avoid the risk of waterborne diseases, do not pay attention to your cravings.

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