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Sandstorms: What Is It & Why Do We Prefer Squall over it

We have read a number of times about what causes rainfall. Everyone knows about it and is easy to understand.

But do you know what causes sandstorms?

One day I was driving my way home, seeing people rushing here and there hiding their face due to sandstorms.

driving towards sandstorms

Then I thought about it..

I was like, there is wind, there is strong wind and then there is dust storms. All three of them give us different emotions.


We all love it (when its not winters), we rush to our terrace or open space to experience it

Strong wind or Squall:

We sometimes like it because they are too strong to do anything. But also gives us the cooling chill in summer times.


We hate it and expect our enemies to be outside somewhere in the middle, where they cannot find any shelter.

But imagine if strong winds and sandstorms both have the same air speed, then what cause ‘strong wind’ or squall to be experience worthy while sandstorms to take away the joy.

Recently, an unfortunate event took place in India (while the next is in line) where a dust storm in its monstrous form killed hundreds of people in Agra and Rajasthan.

Let us understand what is Sandstorm and why we hate it!

What is a sandstorm?

A strong wind carrying loose soil and sand particles from one place to another.

And we hate it when sand particles thrusts into our hair, eyes and clothes. 

What causes sandstorm?

A Sandstorm is caused due to soil particles flowing in the air. The wind becomes so powerful that they lift up the heavy particles and turn into an outrageous shape causing destruction.

Sudden changes in temperature and humidity causes sandstorms. The high heat in the air makes the atmosphere unstable. Due to this, the wind mixes with the lowest atmospheric layer(Troposphere) which is downward to the surface and thus leads to stronger winds at the surface.

Along with this, drought is also one of the major factors of a sandstorm. Due to less moisture in soil, it becomes so dry and the sand easily gets exposed to wind.

Squall on the other hand is an increase in the wind speed. It usually occurs when the weather is rainy and thundering. So, it is the moisture in the weather which causes wind to be cool. Also, moistures also settles the loose particles of the sand, thus it is much cleaner wind comparatively.

So, since sandstorm contains no raindrops and heavy wind cycles, it has huge potential to damage almost everything which comes on its way. The latest example can be taken from the recent incident of the most hit parts of India by this calamity. 

Next time if you find yourself caught in such situation put a mask/handkerchief over your mouth, look for shelter and protect your eyes. Look for a higher ground in your surrounding and do not stand close to trees or loose walls.

If you are driving, find the nearest stop and rush to find a shelter.


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