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Santa Singh Spreads Happiness And Internet Couldn’t Stop Talking

For Indian’s, it is not easy to believe in Santa Claus. We never had one. And the image of that western Santa doesn’t go well with us.

But this changed recently when the video of an Indian Sardar dressed up as Santa Claus appeared on the internet. Spreading happiness on the snow-covered streets of Canada, this Santa Singh is breaking the internet.

I always wished for a Santa Singh Claus. And finally, he is here.

Who is this Santa Singh?

Santa Singh

Okay, so this Indian Santa is a guy from a YouTube page called ‘Gucci Things’ guy. His video was first shared on the Instagram @guccithingyguy, which later broke the internet. For the sake of his fans, Santa Singh uploaded his video on YouTube too.

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What exactly happened?

Santa Singh

Christmas is the best time of the year, not just for westerners but also for every other people on the planet. Everyone is happy and spreading love. Amidst of all this, Santa Singh ( a Punjabi guy with a black beard) dressed up as Santa was trying to spread smiles.

Santa Singh

Other than wishing other people, he also gave gifts and danced with the people. In the video, he can be seen regarding himself as Young Santa.

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The video starts with Singh training in the gym. When he was done with his training, he picks up his Santa bag and went out on the streets of Canada.

Santa Singh

Punjabi’s are adored by everyone in the world, and seeing Santa did make everyone happy. This Indian Santa made everyone’s day and hopefully Christmas.

Watch Video Here:

In Conclusion:

Though there were not many kids in the video, I bet they would have been very excited after seeing Santa Singh. I think now it won’t be that tricky for me to imagine our own Indian Santa.

Maybe now, I will get gifts under my Christmas tree.

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