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Does Sara Khan Want To Make It To The Big Screen: But Why So Desperately?

Controversial…Unexpected….Viral……if you manage to acquire these three points in the acting industry, you are good to go!

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I guess this is the mantra that our very own “Sara Khan” has been following, ever since she set foot in the glamour industry.

And I am damn sure that you’ve heard at least a few rumors about her!

Now….before you get all jumpy…let me take you on the journey of this controversial actor who is not at all the kind of ‘bahu’ she plays in the reel life.

sara khan hot

Born and bought up in Bhopal, this model-turned TV-actress gathered a lot of fame and publicity throughout her career and still is!

She started off her career as a model and won the Miss BHOPAL title in the year 2007.

The first impression she made was with the role of a sweet and down to earth ‘Bahu’ –Sadhna in the show Sapna Babul ka….Bidaai that aired on Star Plus.

sara khan beautiful

(Shhhh…….but was she actually this sweet –humble for real?)

Let’s find out

She worked in several daily soaps for Zee, Sony, & TV, Life OK, Zing, Sab TV, Channel V, Colors…. and on and on (Did I leave any channel…I guess not!!).

She has successfully played her part in shows like Ram Milayi Jodi, Junoon, Sasural Simar Ka, Bhagyalaxmi, Shakti and more.

Starring in all these different daily soaps (mostly in the character of an antagonist) made her popular and mostly err….loved!

But….what do they say about life…?? That it’s unpredictable. True that!

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Marriage with boyfriend Ali Merchant on Bigg Boss 4

The controversial wave hit her when she got married to boyfriend Ali Merchant on Big Boss 4.

The couple had been together for quite some time, and after a bit of drama that occurred inside the house of Bigg Boss- things took an unexpected turn.

Ali was introduced as a wild card contestant and took the game on a whole new level.

Sara’s ongoing closeness with Ashmit Patel was replaced by her marriage with Ali and shocked everyone. The marriage was believed to be a part of publicity.

Since then, she has been making headlines for one reason or the other.

Were they paid to get married?

If we go by Sara’s words, the decision to get married on the show was only because they were being offered a huge sum of money.

According to the sources, Sara Khan and Ali Merchant had been paid Rs.50 lakh to get married on the reality show Bigg Boss 4. Now, that’s a huge amount.

The rumor was denied by the channel head though.

According to him, “The decision to get married was taken by the couple and we are not paying them. It was their personal wish to be the first couple to get married on a reality show.

(Wow… that for real?  *_*

The Sara-Ali divorce

In a quirky turn of events, the lovable couple who married on screen part-ways just after two months of being married.

The twist in this plot appeared when some personal information was shared with the media by Sara’s close friend.

According to the source, Ali had used up all the saved funds from their joint account and as Sara is the only earning member in her family- this lead them to divorce.

But, if we go by another source- it was Ali’s flirtatious nature that caused trouble in their married life. Whatever the case, they parted ways and aren’t together anymore.

Well, that’s what she said!

But, wait…there is something else that she said. During one of the interviews, she was seen clarifying the previous statement.

And I quote, “Even before Bigg Boss, I have been doing a daily soap and that made me popular and got me the reality show. Besides, I married Ali because I loved him and not for money or to gain some cheap publicity as many say.” Ehem!!

And then she changed her statement all-over again!

In yet another turn of events, after she spilled with Ali, Sara made the headlines. This time she brought out a different angle altogether.

She was quoted saying- “Wait, I will not be marrying ‘again’. This will be my first ‘real’ wedding. Whatever happened in the past, I don’t consider it to be marriage. I have always made it very clear that jo bhi Bigg Boss mein hua, it was not real. Ali (Merchant) is a Shia while I am a Sunni. So whatever happened on the reality show, was for his sake and even as per his traditions. My parents were not even there.”

So basically, she is trying to explain that she never got married before. So, whenever she will be marrying, that will be the one.

Oooooooooooo…….so now suddenly you realize that he is a Shia and you are Sunni!! Right!!

Married again?

The next controversy flashed when she posted a photo (obviously by mistake) with her boyfriend wearing sindoor.

The image created viral waves and people started congratulating them on their wedding.

But as you all know, how talented our Sara is….she again came up with an answer that she was just back from a photo shoot and forgot to remove the sindoor.

End of controversy? or was it?

Behind bars in Pakistan?

Moving ahead, last year in April the rumor surfaced that Sara was detained in Pakistan and that she was in jail.

But as expected, she denied all such rumors and claimed that she was chilling in a hotel in Pakistan.

The reason for her delay in getting back to India was because her visa expired. And that she had to extend her stay due to some work. Well…..well said, Sara!

Noor Hasan is just a best friend!

The actress this time was rumored to be dating Noor Hassan, her Pakistani co-actor on the show Bay Khudi. Their on-screen chemistry is quite sassy and the two love-birds also are quite comfortable with each other.

Moreover, they keep posting pictures and videos with each other on their Instagram accounts. And well, as you can see …it’s clear that something is fishy!

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I did kiss Pooja Bose on her lips: Sara Khan

Making headlines this time by locking lips with best friend -Pooja Bose, Sara Khan yet again was the center of talk.

Many frowned and people labeled her being lesbian.  The pictures definitely supported the whole rumor and a lot went into clarifying this thing.

But did it really end?

Lip-lock with Pratyusha Banerjee.

After her ‘lip-lock’ with actress Pooja Bose at a party a while ago, she repeated the act with Pratyusha Banerjee.

And the pictures and video spread like wildfire. Her explanation for this act was, “I like kissing my girlfriends on lips!”

Are you serious?

Sister Arya posts a video of Sara in a bathtub by mistake!

Yet again, Sara Khan made headlines last week. With her latest controversial achievement, (thanks to her nude video)that is going viral, she can be seen lying naked in a bathtub.

According to the sources, Sara’s sister Arya posted this video on the Instagram story. However, she then deleted it a few minutes after.

But by that time, social media had taken its toll and it went viral.

Soon after this, Sara explained and defended Arya by saying that she was drunk and posted it by mistake.

She also said being in the bathtub with your sister isn’t wrong. And that’s how this said rumor was put to an end!

Meanwhile, I bet Sara is planning for her next move to create the viral fire that she is used to in all these years.

That’s all folks, for now! At least! Who knows what’s next…….!

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