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If Aamir Khan Is Replaced With John Abraham In Sarfarosh 2, Who’d Play These Important Roles In The Movie

Remember the song ‘Hoshwalon Ko Khabar kya..’ from the iconic movie ‘Sarfarosh? I bet you all still listen to this track and drift off to the nostalgia lane.

And if you are a die-hard fan of the movie( like me), you all should gear up people. Sarfarosh 2 is on its way!

According to the source, the film’s director John Matthew Matthan has approached the ‘Satymev Jayte’ star John Abraham for the lead role and that the film will focus on the Naxal movement in India. But the question is, will it be as good as the first one? Because you all know how most of the sequels turn out to be, especially in India. I mean, 99% of the sequels are a disaster (except Bahubali 2), if you know what I mean.

So, let’s remember the awesome stars that made this movie legendary and speculate who would be the best who can replace them. (because we can)-

1. Akhilendra Mishra (Mirchi Seth)

Sarfarosh 2

The legendary character of ‘Mirchi Seth’ that he played in the Sarfarosh is something that people still talk about. The sly and cunning arms dealer who smuggles guns and ammunition in chili bags across the border. Ingenious, don’t you think? Anyway, there is no information whether a character of this sort will have a role in the sequel or not.

But if there will be, who do you think will play the role? Pankaj Tripathi?

2. Upasana Singh as Mala

Sarfarosh 2

Playing the role of a dance bar girl in Sarfarosh, Upasna brought out the harsh reality of the clandestine relationship dancers used to have with the police. Owing to her close proximity to criminals each night, she served as informants to the cops.

I think Richa Chada would do justice to this kinda role.

3. Pradeep Rawat as Sultan

Sarfarosh 2

One of the notorious gangsters of the movie, who played the strong role of being the right hand of the main antagonist ‘Gulfam’. He got assassinated later in the movie, on Gulfam’s order of course. But he managed to leave a mark on the storyline altogether.

Who do you think will be suitable for this kinda role? How about Vipin Sharma?

4. Manoj Joshi as SI Bajju

Sarfarosh 2

ViralBake Telegram

The Sub-Inspector who helped Aamir in the investigation and portrayed that all the policemen are not corrupt. Basically, a fine inspector who can kinda be called the right hand of the department.

I bet Anoop Soni would do justice to this role in Sarfarosh 2.

5. Mukesh Rishi as Inspector Saleem

Sarfarosh 2

The tall, muscle man of the police department who played the strong role to fight for the nation. Moreover, his portrayal of strong views about being a victim of racism because he was a Muslim, created an impact on the entire movie. Commendable role altogether in Sarfarosh.

Jatin Sarna could portray the same sentiments, don’t you agree?

6. Shrivallabh Vyas Major Aslam Baig

Sarfarosh 2

Working for the senior officers in Pakistani Intelligence, this character was sent to repair the damage created by the investigating officer Ajay. Though in the later part of Sarfarosh, he gets killed by Gulfam, his role was deemed crucial. Sadly, we won’t be able to see this fine actor anymore, as he passed away in January.

Tigmanshu Dhulia will be perfect for it. No doubt.

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7. Naseeruddin Shah as Gulfam

Sarfarosh 2

The cunning fox of Sarfarosh, who played the role of a singer and poet while working for the Pakistani intelligence. Throughout the movie, he attempted to create havoc in India and spark a proxy war between both countries. But, got caught by the hero in the end. His witty Urdu influenced dialogues were downright epic.

After the kind of role he pulled off in Sacred Games, none other than Nawaz can do justice to this kinda role. Period.

8. Makarand Deshpande as Shiva

Sarfarosh 2

The right-hand of the criminal Sultan, Shiva slyly escaped from the hands of the policemen after getting engaged in an encounter. A typical portrayal of a criminal mind. But acting wise, no an amazing depiction.

Zeishan Quadri will be apt for this role in Sarfarosh 2.

9. Surekha Sikri as Sultan’s Mother

Sarfarosh 2

She played the role of a notorious gangster’s mother in Sarfarosh. There is no doubt that she did 100% justice to the role.

Meghna Malik would be the best choice for a role like this.

10. Nawazuddin Siddiqui as Terrorist

Sarfarosh 2

Though Nawaz played a very small in the movie, that too of a terrorist, there was something about it. The real acting skills were even visible in those few minutes when he appeared on the screen in Sarfarosh.

Aditya Kumar (perpendicular) would do it as real as Nawaz did.

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11. Govind Namdeo as Veeran

Sarfarosh 2

Govind played the role of Veeran, the forest-dwelling brigand who used to get his supplies from Bala Thakur. The entire movie goes by and towards the end, police received a tip about the whereabouts of him. And that’s where the movie ended.

Manoj Bajpai would be the best choice for this role in Sarfarosh 2.

12. Sonali Bendre as Seema

Sarfarosh 2

The cute and beautiful love interest was aptly played by this gorgeous actress. If she wasn’t suffering from cancer, I bet she would be the best one to play a part in the lead role in Sarfarosh 2. Sadly, I don’t think that will be possible.

Huma Qureshi would just do fine. I guess.

In Conclusion:

Even though the movie had an open-ended ending, no one still knows what the exact plot of Sarfarosh 2 is going to be. Will it begin from where the first movie needed or will it be an entirely new story?

I hope the plot would be as real as the previous movie with action scenes and depiction of real-life incidents that you can relate to. Rather than fantasizing the whole movie with unnecessary action. Fingers crossed. Let’s see what we get when Sarfarosh 2 hits the Box office.


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