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5 Reasons That Proves Sattu Is The Ultimate Summer Drink

Summer heat is making us all pray for the rain to come soon. But still, there is no cloud in the sky. Amidst all this keeping yourself hydrated throughout the day is extremely important.

Apart from the water, there are many other liquids that one can intake to keep themselves hydrated. Various juices, shikanji are some of the common fluids that you can use.

But have you ever consider drinking sattu? Sattu is no stranger to locals of UP, MP, Punjab and Bihar. And not just helps you to keep hydrated but this delicious drink also offers several other health benefits, like weight loss. Before we discuss its benefits, first let’s clear what exactly is a sattu.

What is sattu?


It is a traditional drink in UP, MP, Punjab and Bihar, made by dry roasting the Bengal gram in the sand and then pulverising this roasted gram to a powder.  It offers many health benefits when consumed on an empty stomach. You can find it on the streets of your city, and if you did find it, then do try it.

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Sattu is a very delicious and beneficial drink for your stomach. It helps to detox body as well. It is rich in several nutrients including fibre, iron, magnesium and sodium.  This is not it, there are many other benefits of this drink as well, some of them includes:

1. Helps in weight loss


By increasing metabolism, this drink helps the body to burn more calories effectively. Ultimately helping your body to lose weight. And yes it also reduces bloating.

2. Improves bowel movement


As already mentioned above, drinking sattu empty stomach offers many benefits. The improved digestive tract is one of them. Sattu consist of salt, iron and fibre. All these nutrients help to improve the bowel movement.

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3. Increases appetite


Many people consider drinking sattu as it increases appetite. Which is true, potassium and magnesium present in sattu powder is known for increasing appetite.

4. Flushes out toxins


Sattu also serves as a detoxifying drink. Drinking it every day helps your body to flush out all the toxins from the inside and keeps you healthy and protects you from various health infirmities.

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5. Increases energy


Consuming sattu on an empty stomach stimulates the growth of red blood cells in the body. More red blood cells mean more oxygen in the body. Ultimately providing more energy to your body.

In Conclusion:

Shikanji doest taste good, but sattu is even better when combined with all its health benefits. Replace your summer drinks and drink sattu to feel refreshed and support a healthy body.


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