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Saudi Arabia Ends Death Penalty For ‘Minors’

Moving some more steps towards a liberal environment Saudi Arabia has taken away the death penalty for crimes. This is however only for minors who commit a crime. Yes, till now the Islamic Kingdom was having the death penalty for even minors.

The move has come in line with the U.N. Convention on the Rights of the Child, which Saudi Arabia has ratified. ” The decree means that any individuals who received a death sentence for crimes committed while he or she is a minor can no longer face execution. Instead, the individual will receive a prison sentence of no longer than 10 years in a juvenile detention facility“, said Awwad Alawwad President of state-backed Human Rights Commission (HRC).

This comes after the country abolished flogging as punishment last week. The steps are a part of the reform program launched by the king and his son. Last year the country executed 184 people including at least one person charged with a crime committed as a minor.

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These changes would now help the orthodox Islamic nation to establish a more modern penal code. The nation got its women the right to drive a vehicle just a couple of years ago. This shows how the nation is transforming towards a modern liberal setup.

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