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Inspiring Story Of Savi Sidhu (Bollywood Actor) Who Works As A Security Guard Now

Life is tough, not just for us (common people) but also for big celebrities, politicians and businessman’s as well. Life always tries to pull you down. But it’s up to you if you want it all to go down and lose. Or work hard and rise again.

Savi Sidhu (Bollywood actor) who has appeared in movies like Patiala House, Black Friday and Gulaal is working a humble guard, just to make ends meet. Yes, once rich with movies and finances, Savi is now living the life of a commoner.

Working as a security guard in a fancy residency in Mumbai, Savi has earned respect from many people in the industry.

But why is he working as a security guard?

savi sidhu

There are many unemployed actors in the industry. But they choose anything but a decent job to go on with their lives. Some end up creating nonsensical drama that ends up giving them popularity for a few days.

But not Savi. He is a man of self-respect and dignity. He is a senior actor who is out-of-work for now. There are not many roles available to him. He had to quit movies due to his health. Soon after, he lost his wife and mother. But he still pulled himself back.

Even though his life took a bad turn, he didn’t loose hope. Instead of asking for favors, he opted for a job and started living his difficult life.

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Any job is respectful according to Savi

savi sidhu

Savi Sidhu is not the only out-of-work actor in the industry, but he is certainly the one who knows how to stand like a man. He believes no work is big or small, working as a watchman might look very disappointing for many (especially actors). But at least, he is not accepting his defeat from life.

His career might be down but he is certainly still rising and soon he might get back to the industry as well.

After hearing the inspiring story of Savi Sidhu, film director Anurag Kashyap and actor Raj Kumar Rao came to his help. Both the actor and director shared tweets spreading the story of Savi.

Raj Kumar Rao even asked his casting team approach Savi to help him get back into acting. His story is inspiring. There are many unemployed youngsters in our country who don’t want to work because the job that they are getting is not suited to their status.

But we all know that no work is small or big, and the story of Savi Sidhu has proved this. By working for his own (even if as a security guard) Savi has made sure that he won’t have to beg in front of his family and friends.

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In Conclusion:

Life might be hard but you have to be harder to prove that you are the best. Only then success will be yours. After his story went viral, the actor is started to receive calls from the industry. Soon he might get a new role that will help him make his situation better.

Tell us in the comment section, if you feel inspired by Savi Sidhu’s story!

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