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3 Reasons Why You Should Say NO to Bed Tea

India is one of those countries that thrive on tea.

Most of the people wake up and find their hands occupied with a cuppa tea. You can call it a habit but for most its an addiction. A massive section of people in this country are so dependent on bed tea that they can’t get their eyes to practically open without it.

But is bed tea healthy?

For a country that thrives on tea, starting the day with bed tea is a common practice. An idle walk on the road will reveal that many start their day with a cup of tea, even away from bed. Call it a habit or an addiction, a large section of people are hopelessly dependent on their bed tea, the practice reeking of indulgence as well as indolence.

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The dependence on it can be such that it can border on unhealthy levels, making the seemingly harmless habit appear dangerous. According to a report in India Times, a man in Uttarakhand had stabbed his wife with a pair of scissors after he was denied his bed tea.

Clearly, there are people who take this habit way more seriously than others. Which also begs the question how much of a healthy habit is it. As it turns out, it is not really healthy.

Bed tea causes dehydration and bloating

Bed tea

Tea, containing caffeine, is diuretic in nature and thus removes water from the body. In the morning, due to the absence of water intake, our bodies anyway tend to be dehydrated. Drinking tea at this time will also make the dehydration more severe.

Blame it on the presence of milk in the tea, many also feel bloated after their bed tea. The situation is worse for those who are lactose intolerant.

Bed tea can cause oral erosion

Bed tea

Having tea in the morning also causes the bacteria in the mouth to breakdown the sugar. This increases the acid levels in the mouth and consequently can cause erosion of the enamel in teeth.

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Bed tea can disrupt metabolism 

Bed tea

Drinking tea on an empty stomach, which is essentially a bed tea, can disrupt the metabolic system. The acidic and alkaline substances mix together and this intervenes in the working of metabolism causing stomach cramps, dizziness.

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In Conclusion:

If you are one of those who has to have their tea in bed. Now you know what it can do to your body. So make some good changes in your life and stop drinking tea in bed.

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