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Is Ande Ka Kya Fanda? Scientist Are Curious After Kerala Man Finds His Hens Lay Eggs With Green Yolk

Bumping into bizarre things on the internet is so common. That’s why we were not even surprised to find pictures of eggs with the green yolk inside them. Yes, you heard that right.

The pictures of the same were shared by A K Shihabudheen, a native of Othukkungal in Malappuram. And now, even the scientists want to know how that is even possible and what it is all about.

The Kerala Veterinary and Animal Sciences University (KVASU) launched a study on the special hens and the eggs- to understand ‘ye hara bhara kyu hai?’

For the history behind the egg, Shihabudheen, nine months ago, found an egg laid by one of his hens, which had a green yolk. Back then neither he nor his family consumed it as they did not know whether it would be the same. 

Later, other hens also started laying eggs that have a green yolk. “When we found that we could hatch chickens from these eggs, we began consuming the green eggs. The news of this egg phenomenon spread after I shared some pictures on social media a couple of weeks ago,” TNIE quotes him as saying. 

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He later says that the green yolk tastes exactly like the yellow ones. And now he plans to hatch more of them.

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“Many have approached me for green eggs. But, now, I’m keeping them for hatching. The eggs will be sold after the scientists of the Mannuthy KVASU complete their study on the phenomenon. The scientists are of the view that some special feed consumed by the hens might be the reason behind them laying eggs with green yolks. However, I did not give any special feed to these hens,” he reportedly said. 

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