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Last Thing That Could Happen In 2020: Astronomers Find Possible Sign Of Life On Venus

Astronomers on Monday said that Venus contains traces of phosphine gas — which on Earth can be attributed to living organisms. This could possibly mean that there is some kind of life on the planet.

The study detected traces of phosphine on Venus, a flammable gas that on Earth often occurs from the breakdown of organic matter. However, the fact that the planet is too hot to even get closer to, destroys phosphine very quicky. But interestingly, it soon originates as if something or someone is producing it over and over again.

The researchers say that the research provided evidence “for anomalous and unexplained chemistry” on Venus.

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Lead author Jane Greaves, from Cardiff University’s School of Physics and Astronomy, told AFP that the mere presence of phosphine can not be associated with presence of life on the planet.

Source – CNN

“I don’t think we can say that — even if a planet was abundant in phosphorus, it might lack something else important to life — some other element, or conditions might be too hot, too dry,” she said.

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Conditions on Venus are often described as hellish with daytime temperatures hot enough to melt lead and an atmosphere comprised almost entirely of carbon dioxide.

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