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Eat Seafood And Fight Depression, Your Diet Affects Your Brain

It’s a very old saying, “You are what you eat”. And I totally believe this now.

According to a recent research carried out by the James Cook University in Australia, the more junk food you eat, the more depressed you get. But opposite to this, increased consumption of the seafood can help you to stay mentally fit.

Certainly, eating processed food and other fast foods seem to be the best option for lazy nights. Simply order a pizza and you are set with your dinner. But, your mental health depends on your diet.

Depression related food

What did this research conclude?

The research that was led by Professors Zoltan Sarnyai and Robyn McDermott of JCU, revealed a link between depression and diet.

The researchers selected the people of Aboriginal and Torres Strait island as subjects. They also kept in mind that Torres Strait island has readily available fast food, while Aboriginal is an isolated island and finding fast food is not that easy.

The lead author of this study was Dr. Maximus Berger. They interviewed 100 people from the different parts of both the island.

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And after asking them about their daily diet, screening their blood samples and the levels of depression, the result came out to be a bad news for fast food lovers. From 100 test subjects, nineteen found out to be suffering from moderate to severe depression.

What’s shocking was, out of that, sixteen were from Torres Strait island and just three from the isolated land. When their diet was revealed, it was found that the people from the remote island were consuming more seafood. By doing so they were consuming n-3 LCPUFA which is known as a depression-fighting fatty acid.

In the case of depressed individuals from the Torres Strait island, it was revealed that they were consuming the food rich in n-6 PUFA fatty acid. The research concluded that n-6 PUFA is linked with the depression and was affecting their mental health.

The research concluded that it’s not about getting fat. The result clearly stated that fast food won’t just affect our physical body but it will also mess up with our head.

Want to know what else was revealed? Shocking results have concluded that the traditional diet should include the equal ratio of n-6 and n-3 fatty acid. But in the industrialized countries, this ratio has reached to 20:1.

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Do you need to get concerned?

One in every seven people suffers from depression at some point in their lives. Due to increasing stress and competitive environment, the cases of depression are increasing every day. Depression is linked with many mental illnesses as well.

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your diet affects your brain

Just like it is essential to go to the gym to maintain a good physical body, taking good care of mental health is also important. Fast foods seem very tasty but to make good choices in life you need to look for what you eat. Depression is a serious concern and you can’t just let it go.

In Conclusion:

Making simple changes in your daily diet by increasing the consumption of food rich in n-3 LCPUFA is recommended. Seafood is abundant in n-3 LCPUFA and opting for it is a healthy choice. The research has concluded that the high consumption of n-6 PUFA is bad. This doesn’t mean you can’t eat fast food.

You can satisfy your taste buds by eating fast food but it should have a low amount of n-6 PUFA.

Tell us what you think about this research and do you think seafood can replace your fast food?

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