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The Way Universe Communicate: Secret Meaning Of Repeating Numbers

Everything is connected in this universe.

We all are the children of this universe, stuck inside a maze. This universe of ours knows the solution to all our worries because no one wants to see their children stuck in some maze.

That’s why the universe tries to communicate with us. It tries to gain our attention so that it can guide us in the right direction. Our dreams are not just dreams, they contain a secret, encrypted message that the universe sent us. Unfortunately, not everyone knows how to read them.

Repeating numbers

But don’t worry, the universe knows many other ways to gain our attention. One of the most ignored and simple one is ‘Repeating numbers.’ If you are seeing repeating numbers everywhere, on the clock, in addresses or at other places coincidentally, this means the universe is trying to communicate with you.

Places, where you have spotted these numbers, are possibly quite easy to ignore. But not if you know the meaning behind them.

Here is the guide that will help you understand what universe is trying to tell you by showing repeating numbers.


Repeating Numbers

If are seeing 1:11 or 1-11 or something similar, that makes a repeating number 111. It means you are moving in the right direction. Don’t worry, it’s a positive sign, universe wants to say, ‘You are doing good, don’t stop and move in the same direction. You haven’t reached your end destination but if you continue, you’ll reach where you wanted.’


Repeating Numbers

Showing you 222 in different forms is universe way to make you realize someone important (your love) is near you. Have a look at the people around Maybe the one you need is standing by your side in the metro. Interact with new people, get in touch with your old friends and in case you are already in a relation, the universe is trying to tell you that this is something real and don’t give up on it.


Repeating Numbers

Often, this number appears when you are actually on the right track but you are too focused on your goals, that you have stopped appreciating people and things around you.

Maybe you are working hard and all your time goes away. You forgot to give time to your family and that needs to be fixed. Not just this, but this number can also suggest you pay attention to your health. Maybe you are wearing out your body by working too hard and that’s causing the problem. Fix it, maintain balance otherwise it will become an obstruction in the long run.

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Repeating Numbers

The main lesson this repeating number wants you to remember is ‘your roots, your past and your family.’ Possibility is, you are too close to the finish line and that’s why you are too focused on getting success. But that’s not important for now, get in touch with your family. Maybe they need you. Don’t leave them hanging because they were there when you needed them.


Repeating Numbers

Change is in the air and yes most of us are afraid of changes, but keep your calm. These changes are going to be in your favor. Just make sure not to resist and be attentive to seize any new opportunity that is coming to your way.


Repeating Numbers

Although 666 is considered as the devil’s number, if you are seeing 666, chances are that your guardian angels are trying to make you aware of things. You are too indulged in the shiny materialistic blings. You have forgotten about your inner self. Try to calm your thoughts and maybe try meditating.


Repeating Numbers

You have solved one of the many mysteries of this universe. Maybe you have mastered meditation and are aware of the things that you weren’t before. You haven’t learned everything yet, try to find something new. And at the same time, practice what you have learned to help the world.


Repeating Numbers

If the universe is making you see 888, it means you have gained knowledge and now you are ready to share it. Congrats you have just graduated from the spiritual university of the universe.

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Repeating Numbers

Just like the number 9 itself, 999 means that you have reached the end of this karmic cycle in your life and it’s time to make a transition towards the new phase. Find closure, so that the past can’t bother you. Forgive yourself and others, it’s the end of old habits and relations. It’s time to move on.

In Conclusion:

Universe has its own ways to communicate and if you knew them, it will be easier to reach the endpoint of this maze. It is hard to know all the ways but at least you know what the repeating number means.

Tell you if you are seeing any repeating numbers in your life.

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