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Renault Launches EZ-Ultimo. And It Is A Lot More Than Just Self-Driven Car

Who doesn’t dream of having a ride that can drive itself, without you having to constantly thump at the break and curse the traffic caused by different cars on road?

Instead, you would be sitting on a luxurious lounge armchair while smoking a cigar and reading, or taking in the view, while the car’s automated system drives itself. Indeed, it would be an amazing traveling experience. Won’t it?

Furthermore, imagine if it’s a top-end luxury car with wooden interiors and cushy luxury seats.

Well, well, the dream car is actually here and has been unveiled at the Paris Motor Show 2018 by French motor company, Renault.

Renault EZ-Ultimo Luxury – The stunning self-driving concept car


Well, it’s a futuristic concept car with a mobile lounge-like experience and all the luxuries you can ask for in a moving vehicle.

The car is an ultimate combination of technological revolution and classic French luxury.


EZ-Ultimo equips with Level 4 autonomous-driving technology, which means, it can run without any human input and operation but under select conditions, like geographical area or road type. The speed limit is also restricted to 25 mph.

The manufacturer has propagated the car as a “robo-vehicle for a premium mobility service experience.”

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Apart from being electric and autonomous, the car is a complete luxurious aerodynamic connected shared mobility service solution. Which means, it is not exactly a practical car for your daily usage but only meant for special occasions. Like hiring for a luxury visit to a restaurant or hotel.


The experience of luxury on-boarding doubles up with the special Augmented Editorial Experience. It is an entertainment platform that curates content as per the liking and preference of the passengers.

Moreover, the car features ultra-lush interiors, made of walnut wood, marble, and leather. It gives a classy cigar-room look with expensive woodwork and complete privacy.

An ultra-cushy luxurious armchair-like comfort seat faces backward with a bench seat facing opposite.

The roof has segmented glass panels that are clad with blacked out windows from the upside to the entire length of the sides. The passenger can take in the view but no one can look inside.


Although the car is low and elongated like any other car in the luxury segment, it shows a unique stylish mix with technology at par excellence.

The lights blend into the bodywork, running from top to bottom. EZ-Ultimo can accommodate three people at a time. More features include autonomous driving cameras, radar, LiDAR cameras, and Wi-Fi.

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In Conclusion:

Phew… with so many features and lavishness, the car is more like a dream and less like a car. Any which ways, this car is a concept car and not actually the one that you can buy and use for personal purposes. Of course, unless you don’t know what to do with those enormous sacks of money you have piled up.

Imagine going to a dinner party, or landing at your luxury hotel…in this. The experience will be immensely exhilarating. Isn’t it?

Would you like to take a ride?
I know I am dying to, only if I could afford it 😉


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