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7 Easy Self-love Habits That Will Help You Live A Happy Life

It is hard to get others to appreciate your work, without appreciating it first. Self-love is important to live a happy life. Now, this is also proved by research.

You can’t love others without loving yourself first. Life is hard enough, everyone is stressed out. In order to keep moving, everyone is so busy pleasing others (just like I’m writing this article to please my boss).

Amidst all these, you too have forgotten how to love yourself. There are so many articles available on the internet that tell you how to live a happy life. But nothing is going to work unless you start loving yourself. Start practicing these realistic self-love habits to learn how to love yourself-

1. Aim for a better sleep

self-love habits better sleep

According to researches done by the National Sleep Foundation, your body requires 7-8 hours to sleep to work in optimum condition next day. Almost half of Indians are still unable to sleep for that long. Life is hard, told you already.


Sleep is a basic human need, aim for an early bedtime. Try finishing work by six and then get into the bed by nine. Remember not to bring any distraction (mobile, Netflix or tv remote) with you. A book will be a wise decision and help you to get better sleep. Start taking better sleep to show you care about yourself.

Make sure to give your body enough time to recover and feel fresh every morning. Start aiming for early sleep every night. This is one of the best self-love habits that you need to try.

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2. Remove all negative thoughts

self-love habits remove negativity

You have a friend inside your head that you all like to talk to. Talking to yourself is a good thing but the problem arises when your inner self starts talking negative (which happens very often).

There are so many things that have happened in the past and you don’t want to remember them. This can be something that your parents said to you while growing up. It can be the memory of your last breakup. All these things can give rise to negative thoughts that will hold you from moving ahead.

You’ll start thinking that you are not doing good in your life (and other negative stuff). Start recognizing these thoughts and dismiss them quickly by thinking about happy memories. A funny cat video might help you.

3. Start writing a journal (preferably morning journal)

self-love habits

Writing your thoughts down on paper is one of the best self-love habits. It helps you to better understand what’s going inside your brain. If you are finding hard to recognize the negative thoughts, writing a journal might help.

It will be better if you start with writing things like what you are grateful for today or recalling good memories. Research suggests that ‘practicing gratitude for a few minutes each day can boost people’s well-being — and even their experience of their physical health.’

By writing a journal before you start your day, you will think better. As the thoughts you put in your journal will dominate your feelings and thoughts for rest of the day.

4. Eat what is good for your brain and body

self-love habits eat healthy

Fast food seems to be the best option that suits your daily life. Mostly, you are running late for work and didn’t get time to eat breakfast at home. In this case, Burger King seems to be the right choice. After all, it’s on your way to work.

But your bad choice of food is eroding your body from inside, making it vulnerable to catch heart diseases and other severe diseases. Start filling your plate with the food that is good for your brain and body and not calories and oil.

With the help of controlled and routine eating habit, you’ll help your body to stay fit. And it’ll also change your mood from bitchy to happy (maybe super happy). Try fresh fruits or a smoothie.

5. Start meditating

self-love habits

There are a number of ways to motivate yourself but meditation is one of the best. You must have already know about the benefits of meditating. But don’t say that you don’t have time to try it.

Stop giving excuses, meditation doesn’t require more than a few minutes. Spare 5 minutes of your day to sit and meditate. You’ll see the changes in your body, as you’ll become more self-aware and focused.

Meditation even helps you learn how to deal with a stressful situation. It aids you to bring out your creativity but for that, you have to first sit and meditate. So, just do it and allow these self-love habits to change your life.

6. Don’t try to please everyone

dont please everyone

Half of the people are living a life that can be easily explained by the term FOMO. For those who don’t know, FOMO means Fear Of Missing Out. 95 million photos and videos are shared on Instagram every day just because everyone is worrying if others like them or not.

All of us seek affirmation from others, and the internet is one of those places to get appreciated for our work. Everyone forgets that the answer they are looking for lies inside them. What you need to do is love yourself.

Start living your life in JOMO (Joy of missing out). Start with temporarily uninstalling one of the social media apps from your phone. Try to please yourself for once in a while and see how it changes your thoughts.

7. Start doing some physical activity


Everyone knows the physical and mental benefits of working out. That’s why joining a gym is one of the most common new year’s resolutions. Though, most ditch going to the gym quite early in the year.

The main reason you do that is that you don’t really like going to the gym. And you don’t have to do that. Don’t pick up a habit, if you don’t like it. Instead, pick something that feels like a reward and not a punishment.

Go for a morning run to see the rising sun (also you can click beautiful pictures during the golden hour). Or start doing yoga, there is more just one way to workout. Lifting heavy weights is not the only way to do a physcial activity. Pick something that you enjoy.

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In Conclusion:

Living happily is not that hard, you can transform your life with the help of simple changes in your life. Start practicing one of the above-mentioned self-love habits and see the happy change in your life.

Be happy and love yourself! 

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