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These Are The 5 Best Self Massage Techniques You Should Start Practicing Every Day

Many people don’t know that but massaging is good for our body in various ways. From reducing muscle tension and stiffness to improving the blood flow in the body, there are so many benefits of massaging your body.

There are certain studies that show regular massage can help you boost immunity by spurring the production of white blood cells in the human body.

In simple terms, it can help you become more productive at work. But the problem is that you can’t go to a massage parlour every day. Don’t worry according to a study done at the University of Miami, a short 15-minute massage at home can do good for you.

And here are the self-massage techniques that you can do every day at your home.

1. Thump your body


Make it a habit, start your morning by thumping your entire body from head to toe. Start with your arms and legs, work your way up to the torso to reach the head at the end. It will strengthen your muscles and bones, not just this but it will also improve the blood circulation in your body.

Just make sure you are not on any blood-thinning medication if you are then don’t try this massaging technique.

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2. Pat your tummy after a meal


Have you ever patted your tummy after overeating? Many people do that, in a hope to get rid of the feeling of overeating. Well, they are not just doing it for no ways, there is a reason, according to science rubbing your belly in a clockwise direction will help to stimulate the digestion process.

So, start gently patting your belly after having your meal it will help in the better digestion.

3. Start massaging your hands every day


Help your hand to reduce some muscle stress, and start massaging your hands every day. Apply some body lotion on your hand and then clasp both your hands, start with rubbing your palms in a circular motion. After that rub the back of each palm, between fingers, thumb and wrist as well.

Make it an everyday habit and it will help to reduce stress from your hands.

4. Massage your entire body before exercise


If you like to go to the gym to build those muscles, massaging your entire body from top to bottom before starting your gym session would be a great idea. As massaging helps to improve the blood flow muscles and promotes a speedy recovery.

Massage your legs and arms in a downward motion before starting any intense exercise. It will relax your muscles and make way for better blood circulation.

5. Roll on a tennis ball


For the people who are having sore and tense feet. A tennis ball is all they need. As it is all they need for the self-massage-techniques for legs. Stand on one foot while holding on to the wall, place the arch of the other foot on top of the tennis ball and slowly start transferring your weight on to press the ball.

Slowly move your foot and massage the entire bottom of your foot.

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In Conclusion:

You don’t need to go to a massage parlour every time your body feels stressed. Simply try these exercise at home to relax your muscles and release the stress.

Include these self-massage-techniques in your daily routine for a better body.

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