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Horrifying Cases Of Selfies In India That Resulted In Death

In today’s time of “too much cool isn’t enough cool”,

even if you are at the edge of a mountain enjoying the breathtaking view, the “feel” of that moment is not complete for some foolish people. They need to do something more. And what more is that? Click a ‘Selfie’ perhaps..

And mind you, if you don’t follow the latest trend of clicking a selfie (probably while you are hanging over the cliff), you wouldn’t have anything to prove your coolness and express it over social media. Or at least that’s what most of us think before the idea of outrageous selfies crosses your mind.

Every day people are risking lives across the globe in an attempt to take that jaw-dropping selfie and are dying on a daily basis in the process.

Sadly, India tops the charts for the maximum number of deaths. And it’s a shame that even after these death occurrences take place on a daily basis, there isn’t any change in the trend. People still try these stunts in order to get famous among their peers.

Take a look at the list of deaths that occurred in pursuit of the #UltimateSelfie and see for yourself why this trend should be stopped-

May 2nd, 2018

1. A man died while attempting to take a Selfie with a bear

prabhu beer mauled a man taking selfie

Prabhu Bhatara– A driver from Odisha was returning from a wedding when he spotted a bear. Of course, there was a strong influence over him to be a part of the latest trend and he thought he could take a daring selfie with the bear. His friends warned him not to go near the wild bear, which he ignored.


As expected, the bear didn’t like his presence, grew aggressive and mauled him to death. Even though nearby people tried freeing him from the clutches of the bear, they were too late. By the time Forest rangers arrived to shun the bear, Prabhu was already dead.

Sept 2, 2017 

2. Youth dies while taking a selfie with a wild elephant.

Ashok Bharti a resident of Cuttack tried to take a selfie with a wild elephant and was crushed in the act. The forest officials and the locals were working together to drive away the infuriated elephant away from the village when this incident took place.


Ashok was present at the spot and suddenly barged towards the elephant to take a selfie. Naturally, the agitated wild elephant took out his rage and crushed him before the local people could save him.

Aug 26, 2017

3. Teen boy loses his life while taking a selfie on top of a train.

selfie related death case india

Dileepan was turning 18 on the day when he decided to attempt the most fatal task to impress his social media friends. He was celebrating his birthday with his friends when the idea of clicking a selfie on a moving train came across his mind.

Unfortunately, when he reached the top, he touched the electric wire and suffered a huge shock. After four days of battling with injuries, he died in kilpauk medical college.

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July 26, 2017

4. Youth drowns while taking a selfie during high-tide in Mumbai

Yogesh Gawli, was swept into the sea and drowned while he was trying to click a selfie at a beach in Mumbai during high tide.


According to the police, the incident took place around 2 in the afternoon when he visited the beach with his friends. He was not a very good swimmer and lost balance with the high -tide. His body was fished out later by the officials.

25 July 2017 

5. 30-year-old man trampled to death by an elephant in an attempt to click a selfie.

selfie related death in india

Abhilash, a 30-year-old man sneaked into the Bannerghatta Biological Park near Bangalore, was trampled him to death when he risked his life taking a selfie with the wild.

Abhilash and his friends came on their bikes around evening on a day, which was a holiday for the park. They sneaked in via the Hakkipikki colony from Kaggalipura main road. When they spotted the elephant Sundar, they went near him and began to take selfies. The other friend stood at a distance.

Suddenly out of the blue, Sundar pulled Abhilash and trampled him. The friend, who witnessed this, rushed to the other two friends. They panicked and fled the scene. Later, the villagers tried to rush Bharti was to the hospital but unfortunately, he died on the way.

30 May 2017 

6. A man died and another lost his hand while taking a selfie over a moving train.

selfie related death

A man named Sampath died while his friend lost his hand when they were run over by a moving train while taking selfies. The incident happened at Alwal Railway station near Secunderabad.

They both had thought that as the train was far away from them and wanted to click a selfie before the train reached the railway station. Unfortunately, the train advanced very fast and hit both. Sampath was crushed to death on the spot while his friend Sravan survived but lost his hand.

24 May 2017

7. Two youths drown while taking a selfie in a pond 

Arghya and Jayanta, 21 and 22 years old from Hooghly district drowned in a fish pond while taking a selfie as they did not know how to swim. They were taking selfies in waist-deep water but suddenly, the duo slipped from the bank and went underwater.

The locals first failed to find their bodies. Later, divers from Kolkata recovered both the bodies from the pond.

13 April 2017

8. A college student falls to his death while taking a selfie.

Muneer Ahmend, a  22-year-old college student died after falling into a 50-meter-deep ravine while taking a selfie near Kolukhet on Dehradun-Mussoorie road in Uttarakhand, India.

According to the report, he had gone for a day to Mussoorie with his friend. On their way back, they reportedly parked their motorcycle and were taking photos when Ahmed fell. It took two hours to find his body, and he is believed to have died on the spot due to head injuries.

5 February 2017

9. A group of friends leaps to their deaths in an unfortunate event to save a friend who was taking a selfie.

selfie related death india

Police said Taraknath Makal was traveling by train with four friends – all aged between 25 and 30 years – when he reportedly leaned out of the door to take a selfie. However, he lost his footing and fell off the train. Makal’s companions jumped out to save him but ended up getting mowed down by another train coming from the opposite direction.

While the four friends – Sumit Kumar, Sanjiv Polley, Kajal Saha and Chandan Polley – lost their lives, Makal is fighting for his life in a hospital. The incident occurred between Liluah and Belur stations, in the vicinity of Howrah, India.

14 January 2017 

10. Two teenagers die while posing for a selfie between two railway tracks in Anand Vihar.

Two teenagers named Shubham and Yash were crushed under a train while posing between two railway tracks at Anand Vihar, East Delhi. They had decided to go to the Anand Vihar railway lines to click “daring selfies” for their social media profiles.

Both along with their five friends were shooting the stunt on the railway tracks near Akshardham Metro station. They were returning from coaching classes when they stopped to perform the stunt.

25 January 2017

11. Punjab boy killed while taking a selfie on railway tracks.

railway track selfie incident

Gaurav Sahni, aged 22-year-old died while attempting to take a selfie on the railway tracks near Dhuri Lines, Ludhiana, Punjab, India. A passenger train hit him while he was taking selfies.

selfie related death incident

When his friend Saurav reached the spot on a two-wheeler to pick up Gaurav, he saw him lying on the railway tracks. he rushed him to the hospital where he was declared dead.

13 January 2017

12. Woman falls and drowns in the river while attempting to take selife in Rudraprayag.


A woman named Ashana Bhandari fell and lost her life into the Alaknanda River near Koteshwar temple. The incident occurred in the Rudraprayag district of Uttarakhand.

She was there with her friends on a small trip when this mishap occurred. While trying to take selfies she lost her balance and fell straight into the river current that pulled her away. People tried to call out for help but it was too late.

1 January 2017

13. Student dies after being hit by a train while taking a selfie.

selfies that resulted in death

Gunasekharan, a 21-year-old engineering student died when he was hit by a speeding train while trying to take a selfie in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu.

He was a resident of Dindigul district studying at a private college in the city’s outskirt. Unfortunately, this student died on the spot when he was trying to click a selfie with the train in the background using his mobile phone. The victim was hit by the train and hurled at a distance of around 100 feet.

The point is why are people still indulging themselves in this super-risky stunt which can be straight up fatal? What do you think about this trend? Share your views in the comments.


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