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Why Are Service Sector Employees More Prone to Mental Health Issues?

Everybody faces certain health issues at one point or the other of their working life. Mental health issues can be way more dangerous to the overall health of a person and may prevent one to grow as an ideal employee.

Anxiety, stress, insomnia, or even depression can be caused owing to the work pressure this generation of workforce endures on a daily basis.

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From a small-time sales executive to the MDs and Directors, no one is untouched by the gigantic threat of mental fatigue and stress. In a country like India, where there is no fixed system in place in the private sector, people deal with many issues pertaining to mental disorder, especially when they are poorly paid and over-worked.

46% of Indian workforce is suffering from one or the other form of mental health disorder, as per a study conducted by India times. The rate of heart attacks and suicide is on the continues rise owing to people giving into the fears and depression.

The competitiveness, ability to survive the unfathomable deadlines, peer pressure, maintenance of lifestyle are just a few nickels in the ocean of predicaments.

Why are Service Sectors a dark pit of excessive workload?

Service sectors are two steps ahead in the run of being the most stressed industry in the country. They are open 24*7 or at least 15-18 hours, and demand presence of the diligent staff at all times.

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The question is why does this sector have such a demanding attitude? And, the answer is simple, if you think about it.

The service sectors need to ensure that the quality of services to be good every single time they serve the customer. If that’s not the case, they end up being rejected, as there is no dearth of competitors for them. They feel that they must be quick and satisfying both or the business would die a slow death.

Take this example.

Have you ever shouted at the waiter for not bringing hot food on time and leaving no tip for him later? Ever overreacted at the front desk of a hotel for a delayed response or unimpressive services? If the answer is ‘Yes’, you have been there, done that.

But did you notice something?

Do they ever respond or talk back, apart from saying they are sorry for the inconvenience?

No, and you don’t even think they should, after all, they are in serving profile. It’s not good for business. But who are these people, and have you ever thought what your reaction must have done to their inner psyche?

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Probably not. Probably it’s the impact of the stress level you have too.  And probably you too work for the service industry.

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What is the main issue?

People serving in the service industry are expected to inculcate resilience to adverse situations at all times and control certain human behaviors like anger or disagreement. Girls, on the other hand, are a big part of the workforce in the industry. And they manage a horde of sexual advances and hostile behavior by the customers.


It’s a fact that lakhs of Indians between the age of 18-25 work in the industries like salons, restaurants, hotels, and malls. Sadly, they are precariously underpaid and over-worked at the same time. Hotel and restaurants don’t pay the minimum wage salary expecting the tips to cover the gap which is highly irregular.

How does it affect them?

Having no control over shifts and working hours, these employees begin encountering mental health problems. Sleep deprivation in rotational shifts, insomnia, stress, anxiety is high with employees who majorly survive on tips rather than the ones who get a fixed in hand salary.

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Such mental health problems pave way for depression and dependence on substance abuse.

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While “The customer is always right” is the mantra for a successful business, the same may not be true for the well being of employees. It is not an exaggeration if it is even considered hazardous to the psyche of employees, especially women. More than half of the women workforce quit when they cannot take it anymore. That can’t be good for business either, right?

High time to think this through. After all, we need a physically and mentally healthy young workforce for the sustenance of the economy of a country. Is it not?


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