Setup Guide For WhatsApp For Multi-Account Support On A Single Device

With the introduction of the new functionality, users will find it easier to manage several accounts on the same device from WhatsApp. The well-known messaging app has made it possible for users to connect to several accounts on the same phone in addition to allowing them to do so previously on other devices. For people who wish to easily move between two accounts, such as their professional and personal ones, this functionality is really handy.

With the help of this new function, users won’t have to deal with struggling between the two phones or inadvertently contacting someone from the wrong account when they wish to use a different one. The ease of having different accounts for varied purposes like conversing with friends and family, corresponding with clients and colleagues, or joining different clubs and communities is now easily available to users.

Simple Steps To Set Up Multiple WhatsApp Accounts On The Same Phone

Users will need a phone that supports dual SIM cards and a second phone number or SIM card in order to utilize this function. The procedure for creating a second account is easy to follow. Go into the WhatsApp settings. Below are the mentioned steps you need to follow.

  • Choose “Add account” by tapping the tiny arrow next to your name.
  • Enter your second phone number and confirm it by calling or receiving an SMS with a code.
  • You can now pick which account you want to use by touching the arrow next to your name and switching between them.

You can personalize each account to your liking by choosing its own privacy and notification choices. Additionally, you may delete messages, blacklist contacts, mute or archive chats, and manage each account separately. It looks like WhatsApp’s stable and beta channels have both received the upgrade.

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