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Man Seeks Bride Who’s Not Addicted To Social Media In Matrimonial Ad.., Twitter Says ‘Not Getting’

Matrimonial sites got the most sexist content for us to explore and there is no denying to that fact. And when we thought things might get better with time, they don’t seem to. Actually, the only thing that is getting better are the demands – altering with the modern world.

Recently, an ‘out of ordinary’ ad asking for a bride ‘not addicted to social media’ went viral on the internet.
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In the ad, the 37-year-old ‘handsome’ guy has no ‘demands’ (dowry) but yet seeks a girl who is slim, fair, beautiful and tall. And in one extra ‘demand,’ the girl must not be addicted to social media too.

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Well, having had watched the Social Dilemma on Netflix recently, I would agree with the not addicted to social media demand, but what is all the extra stuff? People seem to be in love with things and not humans I believe.

Well, the ad is as sexist as sexist could get, but it is the ‘not addicted to social media’ criteria that has amused netizens. Like, why not? That’s something we don’t see most often on a matrimonial ad.

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Yet people are wishing the guy all the best (sarcastically) because they seem to be in belief that there can’t be a girl who ain’t addicted to social media in the present world (now what’s that?).

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Well, if all these people are true about not being able to find a girl who ain’t addicted to social media, then one really needs to think what they are giving their time too.

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