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Don’t Commit These 7 Deadly Sins While Sexting

Sexting is a new trend. But some people think that sexting is wrong.

In case, you have been sailing in other dimensions, the word might be greek to you. But if you reside on the same planet as everyone else, you must have come across this word. Youngsters and adults alike sext each other all the time.

However, sexting isn’t exchanging dick pics and nudes. It’s much more than that.

So, what is sexting?

To explain in simple terms, sexting is about letting your partner know what you are feeling and sharing intimate details. However, most people take sexting in the wrong way. For them, it’s a disgusting sin that shouldn’t be committed whatsoever.

But sexting is much more complicated and you can really turn it into sin if you don’t know the basic of it. Sexting has become a part of normative sexual experience. Several folks engage with their partners over sexts and have an amazing experience.

Some even say that its better than porn. And why not? Instead of watching two unknown people engage in sexual activities, why not engage in sex talks with the one you share your body with, Right?

So, is sexting wrong?

The first thing that you need to embed in your brains is that you cannot sext anyone and everyone. Sexting is meant to be done only and only with someone you are really comfortable with. Indeed, the other person should also have a mutual feeling about sexting, otherwise its all for naught.

So, when people ask, Is sexting wrong’, the answer lies in how you proceed about replying to a sext and how you write a sext that you are about to send. You just need to put in a little effort and it will ensure that sexting never becomes a sin.

Here are the 7 deadly sins that you shouldn’t commit when sexting-

1. Sexting without the consent

is sexting wrong

The first and foremost thing that you need to make sure is that your partner is OK with sexting. If you pour sexts without knowing if he/she likes it, you are calling for unnecessary trouble. If your partner isn’t comfortable with sharing intimate talks with you, the sexts will extinguish the fire that you have.

Make sure to take the consent of your partner.

2. Being blunt with your replies

is sexting wrong

So, she sent you a nude. What should your reply be? If you are someone who replies with a blunt, ‘Nice Titties’, you are a sinner. And you have been probably sinning ever since you first sexted. Never ever do that. It’s boring and pathetic and a major turn off.

Try being creative with your replies and not blunt and boring.

3. No emotion or poetry in the sexts

is sexting wrong

If you are always a conversation closer, sexting isn’t going to work for you. Try adding emotions and a little poetry when you sext. For example, if you receive a sexy pic from your lover, try commenting in detail giving importance to the overall beauty of your partner.

Appreciation and excitement towards the dress and curves will add spice to your sexts.

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4. Being overly sexy

is sexting wrong

Too much f anything sucks. You must know that if you are being overly sexy in your sexts, it will become annoying after some time. Might be your partner will stop sexting once and for all. Don’t overdo your sexts. use sexy words but not too much.

Keeping the right amount of sexiness will make you a pro in sexting.

5. Too detailed sext

is sexting wrong

Sexting is all about details. Or is it? Yes, details are important but not too much. If you engage in describing your dress too much and not on how you are feeling, it will eventually turn off your partner. As a result, you will extract all the fun out of sexting.

Keep it detailed, but only use the erotic details to keep the fun going.

6. Purposely using dirty language

is sexting wrong

Dirty language and sluty language is the key to sexting. But it just messes things up if you use dirty language in every line of your sext. Keep some space for regular lines as well. Use lines like, ‘I feel you’, ‘I can’t stop thinking about you’ etc., instead of ‘I want to fuck your brains’ after every other nude.

Using too much of sluty language will destroy the emotions of your sexts.

7. Ignoring signs from your partner

is sexting wrong

You also need to pay attention to how your partner is replying to your sexts. If the response is good and they want to go further, don’t ignore the signs. entertain their demands as well rather than asking for nudes and sexy pictures for your self.

After all, sexting is all about a little give and take.

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Don’t let your sexting be boring or annoying

You know the 7 deadly sins that you might be committing, but now that you are aware of them, you won’t suck at sexting. Not anymore. Just keep in mind that even sexting is an art and if you get good at it, you will have the capability of living your fantasy with the one you love. Trust me, its much more fun than porn. Try it to believe it!

So, the next time someone asks,’ Is sexting wrong?’ I guess you will have an answer to give! 
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