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Do You Dread Sharing Holidays With In-laws? Use These 5 Tips For A Smooth Sail

A new phase of life starts after you get married. Not just for a bride, but for the groom as well. You have become two now, you have two dads and two moms. You are no longer a small family.

This must sound interesting but it can be equally frustrating if (maybe) your in-laws don’t like you. If this is the case, then you might have to face a lot of trouble in the future. But you can avoid all this. Here is our guide on sharing holidays with in-laws.

Just because you are married now, you have to share your holidays with your in-laws. On the occasions like Holi, Diwali and every other weekend, you have two homes to visit. This could be challenging but these 5 tips will help you share your holidays with your in-laws (without any stress)

1. Keep it short and sweet

Sharing Holidays With In-laws

Chances are, that you are going to visit your new mom and dad on a special occasion that only comes once a year. But that doesn’t mean you go and stay there for a whole weekend. Keep it short and sweet, a two-three days visit is enough to make up for the whole year.

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2. Give yourself space

Sharing Holidays With In-laws

If you are traveling with your in-laws, make sure to have yourself some space. Plan some alone time, go have a walk or arrange a meet with your friend. This will help you keep your sane and chance of you hating your in-laws or vice-versa at a minimum.

3. Establish your traditions

Sharing Holidays With In-laws

You are invited to your in-law’s house for the grand pooja, their rituals might be different from yours, their tradition might ask you to try something new. Respect them, but always remember your own tradition. Tell them about your tradition, otherwise, they’ll always expect you to follow their traditions.

4. Dress according to the dress code

Sharing Holidays With In-laws

India is a very vast country, there are many different religions and everyone follows their own tradition. They wear certain types of dresses on a specific occasion. Make sure you are not the odd one out. Ask your spouse about the dress code and respect their tradition.

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5. Remember you are family

Sharing Holidays With In-laws

Put your dishes back to the kitchen sink. <ake your bead in the morning or help them arrange the dinner table. Remember, they are your new mom, dad, you are a part of their family. Their house is your house as well. You are not a house guest anymore, make sure to act accordingly for sharing holidays with in-laws happily.

In Conclusion:

Next time whenever you are visiting your in-laws, make sure you remember all these tips of sharing holidays with in-laws. Although, I hope that day won’t come soon unless you enjoy visiting your in-laws.

Tell us, if there is something missing, or any other idea that you can use! 

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