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7 Reasons Why Shawshank Redemption Fans Must Watch “Castle Rock” Series  

The new series “Castle Rock” is inspired by the horror-story author- Stephen King’s iconic works. A psychological horror series set in King’s multi-verse, the show has brought us an epic saga of darkness and light.

The fans and avid readers of the horror-writer must be aware of the name castle rock as it is the setting of a number of his stories including, The Dead-Zone, Cujo, and Needful Things. It has also been mentioned in “Rita Hayworth and The Shawshank Redemption” – King’s novella which was the origin of the movie “The Shawshank Redemption”.

Castle Rock is a mix of twisted tales of thrill and horror along with hidden characters and clues happening alongside the mainstream story from other previous works of the author. This makes it a real treat for the die-hard fans of King.

Let’s see why it is a must watch for the fans who are still in love with The Shawshank Redemption.

1. Authored by Stephen King

shawshank redemption castle rock similarities

The biggest reason, of course, is that the author has the record of weaving different tales in a single thread for the fans to identify, like the recurring use of the fictional town “Castle Rock”. The reference of the author is sufficient enough to make the fans giddy with joy.

The reuse of the locations and settings gives you a feeling of Deja vu. Both the stories are woven by the horror-writer with several hidden Easter eggs for you to find.

2. The Prison named Shawshank Correction Facility

shawshank redemption castle rock similarities

This is the biggest reason for confusion among the fans whether the series is a Spin-off or a continuation of the famous movie. Well, hate to break it to you folks, but the stories are completely different though the setting is the same.

Shawshank prison and setting used in the movie is being used as a major setting through the entire series. It would undoubtedly wash you with the familiar feeling of the Shawshank prison you saw in the movie.

3. Suicide of the warden

shawshank redemption castle rock similarities

Unlike the movie though, the death is pretty gruesome. It is way more than a bullet in the head. But nevertheless, it will bring back the memories of the suicide committed by the warden Norton all those years ago. The reason remains a dark mystery to be unfurled in the upcoming episodes.

4. The holes and the Sewer Pipes

shawshank redemption castle rock similarities

The holes in the series, where a young man is found imprisoned inside a small cellar, allegedly by the dead warden, looks a lot like the sewers Andy Dufresne found to escape the colossal prison. Since the facility was shut down, the hole was mended.

5. The Logo of the correction facility

shawshank redemption castle rock similarities

The logo of the Shawshank correction facility can be seen on the bumper of the warden’s car while it slowly drowns taking his lifeless body along.

6. The opera piece “Duettino Sull’Aria”

shawshank redemption castle rock similarities

If you are wondering, it’s an opera piece played by Andy Dufresne through the loudspeakers in “The Shawshank Redemption”. The warden of the “Castle Rock” is listening to the piece while driving to his death.

7. Portraits of the former wardens suggests it’s the same prison

shawshank redemption castle rock similarities

In the series, there is a scene where there are portraits of the former wardens arranged in the cafeteria including the one of Samuel Norton from the movie.


Enough reasons to watch the series. Isn’t It? But you might have to wait a little bit longer the for the series to be available on Netflix, as the status for the show is still TBA.

Nevertheless, we have already built up enough of excitement for you to not sit this one out.

What type of series do you usually prefer!?


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