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Watch This Legendary Video in Which A Sheikh Uses Bird As Toothpick

The life of a Sheikh is epic. And obviously, the lifestyle they follow is unbelievably outrageous.

From gold plated cars to phones, bedrooms to toilet seats, there is nothing which they don’t own. Some sheikhs have lions as their pets while others flaunt their leopard in fancy golden cars.

But we found the Superman of their race. This overly EPIC Sheikh has super swag in everything he does. We don’t know how he carries off with the rest of his day, but we sure as hell know how this Sheikh picks his teeth after his meal.

Oh, actually he doesn’t! He uses a bird for this purpose. DAMN! Whaaaaaaa?

I mean, what the helllll??

Shiekh using bird as toothpick

But hey, that’s why he is a Sheikh. And seems like the bird has been regular with its job of picking leftover from inside of SHIEKH’S MOUTH.

Shiekh using bird as toothpick

(Bachpan se Yahi bird-brush use Karta hoga Sala!! We bet)

Check out the video of this Sheikh, and then you can drop-jaws and ROFL with amusement afterwards:

In Conclusion:

No Conclusion man. We should all get sucked inside the earth’s core thinking how puny our lives are in comparison of these MOFO sheikhs.

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