Shocker: Woman Gives Birth To Baby With No Arms And Legs

In what can be said as a shocker a baby was born without arms and legs. Yes, you read that right no arms and no legs. The incident is reported from the Saka village of Sironj Tehsil in Madhya Pradesh Vidisha district. A 28 years old woman gave birth to her baby girl on 26th June who didn’t have the 4 limbs.

Doctors have said that it is an extremely rare kind of syndrome. As per doctors, the baby’s condition is a result of an autosomal recessive congenital disorder called Tetra-Amelia. Pictures and videos of the baby girl started circulating on social media as the news went viral.

The good news was that the baby was healthy otherwise. Besides missing limbs, the baby suffers from no other health problems said Dr. Sures Aggarwal. The birth of the baby took place at her home and the parents were unwilling to take her to the hospital initially.

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This rare condition in humans is caused due to mutations in the WNT3 gene. The mutation prevents cells from producing functional WNT3 protein, which disrupts normal limb formation. The mutation is also known to cause some other serious birth defects associated with tetraamelia syndrome. As per a 2011 study the syndrome occurs in roughly 1 out of every 71,000 pregnancies.

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