These Shops In Mizoram Have No Shopkeepers & Work On The Principle Of Trust

It appears to me that the north-eastern states of India have found out the supreme mantra of living, which is trusting in humanity and being more humans to others. And this mantra is especially applicable in Mizoram, which, apart from being a nature-bombed adobe is also is the most humble states I have ever known.

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If you have been hanging around with us for a while, you must be aware of a story wherein we disclosed about those free on-road libraries that people of Mizoram have set up.

For the unaware, Mizoram’s capital Aizawl has an abundance of tiny roadside libraries from where people can either borrow books or donate books so others could read and learn. Amazing right?

In one similar kind of thing, people in Mizoram have come up with shopkeeper-less shops. Only a few kilometers from the capital town is a place that sets up shopkeeper-less shops from where people buy stuff and honestly put the cost of the thing they bought in a jar kept there.

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Known as “Nghah Lou Dawr culture,” the tradition is all about opening shops but without the presence of the shopkeepers.

This practice of selling goods is quiet popular in Mizoram. An NGO recently tweeted about the same to spare us a lesson on trust. “These shops work on principle of trust,” wrote the NGO while sharing the image.

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Netizens also took turns to laud the beautiful gesture with many wishing only if people of their state would have been so generous.

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