Significance of Lighting 13 Diyas on Diwali 2022

Diwali is a festival of lights which has been seeing thousands of lit diyas in the country ever since it was first celebrated. It marks the return of Rama to his kingdom who was welcomed with multiple diyas lit across all the houses. But, is there a significance of lighting diyas in the house?

Yes, there is a significance of lighting diyas in the house and as per the Hindu mythology, you must light the following 13 diyas in your house. Lighting these 13 diyas in the mentioned way is supposed to bring good health and prosperity in the house.

1. A diya should be lit near the garbage disposal area outside the house. It is supposed to be warding off death and evil spirits from the house.

2. A diya should be lit in the mandir of the house using pure ghee.

3. A diya should be lit in front of Goddess Lakshmi who blesses you with prosperity, good health and fortune.

4. A diya should be lit in front of holy basil or tulsi of the house. It is supposed to be a source of peace and happiness in the household.

5. A diya should be placed at the main entrance of the house to block any evil spirits from entering your house.

6. A mustard oil diya should be placed under the peepal tree to get relief from financial crisis and negative energy.

7. Light a diya in a nearby temple.

8. Place a diya in the kitchen, near the washing sink.

9. Light a diya in front of the bathroom’s door. It will ensure a flow of positive energy around the house.

10. Light a diya on the roof of the house. It protects the house against negative energy.

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11. Place diyas on the windows of the house.

12. If you have multiple floors in your house, place a diya on the topmost floor.

13. Place a diya at the intersection of the house to ensure light around the house.

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