Signs to Prove that your Soul might have had a Past Life

Do you believe in a past life? Are you confused if such a thing exists? I am also in the same state of mind about this topic which is why I looked up for the signs to prove that your soul might have had a past life.

Signs to Prove that your Soul might have had a Past Life

If you think you or someone around you may have lived past lives, then I suggest you browse through these indications which suggest that this ain’t your first time building a life for yourself.

1. Recurring Dreams

Dreams are supposed to be the reflection of our unconscious mind and repetitive dreams can be a window or reflection of your past experiences in your past lives. The major type of dream that reflects a past life is a dream about familiar places and people we never saw in our current life.

2. Out-of-place Memories

Young children often tell stories and have memories which are surprisingly accurate but those kids have never experienced anything like that. These memories have intricate details about people, places and events in them. Although these could be mere fantasies of their minds, they also suggest connections to past lives.

3. Strong Intuition

If you are able to understand certain aspects of life without a proper explanation or have a sense for things which never took place, then you can say that you have strong intuition. It requires more wisdom to understand such things which indicates the possibility of you learning it in the past life.

4. Déjà Vu

Déjà vu is a sense where you feel that you have lived the present moment before that is generally triggered by sounds, smells, tastes, sights and many other things. Although it is believed to be a neurological dissonance, some have faith that it is a connection to past life experiences or another dimension like a parallel universe.

5. You’re an Empath

Empathetical people absorb emotions and energies including the pain of the people around them in a better way. They can effortlessly experience and feel what other people are feeling, which indicates the reincarnation of their souls.

7. Precognition

Precognition means having ‘future sight’ which is the ability to know what the future holds. It could be done through physical sensation, visions or dreams which indicates that the soul has matured over time in its past lives.

8. Retrocognition

Retrocognition could be defined as the ‘past sight’ which means that the soul has information about past events which is not readily available.

9. You’re an Old Soul

If you feel older than you really are then you can certainly think that you have lived in your past life. Your energy level reflects the number of times you have been reincarnated.


In this article, we read the signs that prove that your soul might have had a past life. I am not claiming that it is true but it is definitely fun to give an unusual belief a chance to sustain itself. Please share this article with people who might enjoy reading it with you.

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