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These 10 Signs Will Reveal That You Are In Deep Love With The Twilight Saga

When I was a teen, I used to hear from many people about one of the most beautiful romantic series “TWILIGHT”.

bella from twilight

The movie had already released 3 years before coming to my notice. So, I thought why not try once! The reviews and story already influenced me to a greater extent. So, one day I picked up my popcorn bucket with a glass of cola and start watching it over my laptop.

I already had my mind that the movie eventually will turn out to be the same as other overrated romantic movies.

But after watching the first part, I was unable to believe that the movie will turn out to be one of my most favorite. I was really mesmerized by the story. With a strong protagonist as “BELLA” and the other lead characters Edward and Jacob.

The plot, story line, characters and everything was just so amazing about the movie that even today I feel so connected to it. I am so insanely addicted to the series that now I find it as a part of my life.

I know there are many people like me who really adore the series and claim themselves as the biggest fan of the movie. But are you actually the die-hard and committed fan?

Check out these signs to know if you are an ultimate lover of twilight.

1. A section of your wall is still devoted to the Twilight stuff.

2. You frequently listen the twilight soundtracks from the series

twilight soundtrack cover

3. You are the most excited one to talk about twilight in a group

4. Edward Cullen is still the man of your dreams

edward cullen twilight

5. You usually try to dress up like your favorite character in the series

6. You really adores Bella’s wedding dress and want one of your own

bella in wedding gown in twilight

7. You always find ‘Forks, Washington’ the perfect holiday destination

8. You remember some of the dialogues so well that you utter it along with the movie in the same tone and accent

edward and bella romantic twilight

9. You have followed almost the entire cast on social media platforms

10. Last but not least, if you actually started believing that vampires exist in the world

twilight cast

Whether you accept it or not Twilight will always remain in the special corner of our heart.

What is your favorite dialogue from the movie? Share with your Twilight tribe in the comments section!


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