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These Are The 5 signs your Ex wants you back

Although, talking to your ex’s is not suggested, but you know, you are still friends with your ex-girlfriend. I know it’s nothing serious (for know) but you both know where it might be heading.

She might want to come back. But, you might not want her back in your life. But just like the last time, you’ll find it hard to make a decision. Maybe you both realize each other’s importance after your breakup.

Sometimes you realize the value of things or people in life only when they are no longer a part of it. If that’s the case with you, here are 5 signs your ex wants you back. I’m a guy, so from an ex, I will mostly be referring to an ex-girlfriend. But the same applies in case of ex-boyfriends as well.

1. She is always texting or calling you

signs your ex wants you back

We miss people when they are gone. But getting them back is not that easy because now you are not sure if they want you back or not.

If you happen to get a call or text from your ex throughout the day. Sometimes asking how’s your day going, while other times she is asking about she is asking for some specific advice, implies that she still wants to be an active part of your life. Not just this, but she might also be thinking whether breaking up with you was her right decision or not.

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2. Social media stalking

signs your ex wants you back

Just like last this, it all started with a friendship. If she still follows, likes and comments on your social media pictures, she wants to imply that there is nothing wrong between you two.

You are still friends (maybe more than that) and that’s why she is also keeping track of your social media activities. I’m not referring to her as a stalker but you can assume it if you want. She hasn’t blocked you because maybe in future, you can give it another try. Also, you are lucky, she hasn’t blocked you.

3. What you talk is important

signs your ex wants you back

Okay, don’t think too deep, she might just trying to be friendly (which usually never happens). But, if you pay attention to what you talk about can help you decide whether she wants to come back in your life or not.

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Do you usually talk about the happy time you both spent together? Or you still argue about every other thing. If you like to discuss how you both could have handled the past situation to avoid your break-up, then it’s a go-go for you. This means she is still interested in you.

4. She doesn’t date anymore (or willing to date)

signs your ex wants you back

She might not tell you directly that she doesn’t want to date, but check again, you both meet each other every weekend and she enjoys spending time with you. And I think it’s a date.

It’s not like she doesn’t want to date, it just that she is not willing to date anyone other than you. By not dating other people, she might be taking time for herself and thinking about all the pros and cons of her previous relationship.

5. She wants to know if you are available

signs your ex wants you back

Again, she might not ask you if you want to give it another try or want to start dating her. But, if she is constantly asking you about your love life and if you are dating someone or not, means she is still possessive about you.

If your ex wants to about the people you hang out with. Or if you have an account or any dating app all suggests that she wants to get back in your life.

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In Conclusion:

These are the signs your ex wants you back. If you think your ex is giving you all of the above-mentioned hints, go on and start dating.

Maybe this time you both can live a happy life.

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