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15 Simple And Easy Tasks Which are Really Difficult To Do

Have you ever thought of something as very easy and even beneath your power to do. It doesn’t even deserve my consideration, you think. Someone else doing it makes you feel like they aren’t doing enough cause the task is so easy-peasy.

But when it actually fell upon you to do that same task, it was like moving a mountain or filling a cup with a crack.

Can you identify the feeling?

Yes, I am sure you can, because we may be experts in our field and a perfect specimen of a human being, yet there are thousands of tasks we find ourselves incapable of doing.

There are few we have listed down which majority of our species has a problem doing. Of course, some are good at something which others aren’t. But that is the discussion for another day.

1) Inserting a thread into the needle


If you have never done this before, try it at least once. You will see your fingers shaking, your eyes piercing into the smallest hole you have ever seen, and when you still can’t put the thread into the needle, you will give up.

2) Losing weight

easy yet difficult tasks

I know you have a smile on your face, but it is not a matter of laugh. It is a mammoth task that requires grit. Every day we decide you won’t gulp down food like a pig, and every day the moment your nostrils smell the deliciousness, all your pledges go flying out of the window and you hog like a horse.

3) Apologizing to someone

easy yet difficult tasks

It is easy to make a mistake, it is even easier to say hurtful things, but if you have to apologize to the same person you have hurt, it is nothing less than drowning in the river. Because it hurts your own pride to admit you were wrong. So, you avoid it.

4) Avoiding spilling the beans in front of your best friend

easy yet difficult tasks

Have a bestie and have a secret too? No one can help you keep the secrets from a person you think has your best interest in mind. Sooner or later, it will all spill out.

5) To wake up a sleeping person

easy yet difficult tasks

Waking up a person from a deep slumber is an extremely difficult task, especially if they are not willing to wake up just yet. Ask a mum who has to run from pillar to post to wake her kids for school. Surprisingly, the same kids get up early on Sundays all by themselves.

6) Advising someone who doesn’t want it

easy yet difficult tasks

You may have their best interest at heart and you may be just trying to help them genuinely. But if they think themselves all-knowing, they probably won’t listen to you or even despise you for preaching them.

You can advise a person who is immature but one who thinks they are perfect, do not welcome your counsels.

7) Finding faults in everyone but moi

easy yet difficult tasks

It is a habit that doesn’t break easily. A fault in the human brain, that they clearly see the faults in others but totally ignore or overlook their own mistakes knowingly or unknowingly.

8) Making someone laugh and cracking jokes at yourself

easy yet difficult tasks

It is one of the most difficult tasks in the world, to make someone laugh. A lot of thought process and a lot of creativity goes into making people laugh. And very few people can make others laugh at the cost of their own humiliation.

9) Following your own preaching

easy yet difficult tasks

Everyone will agree to this. We become the epitome of righteousness and virtue when it comes to preaching others. We even judge other’s every small or big action but when it comes to following our own preaching, we are smart enough to come up with excuses for why we can’t do the same thing we want others to do.

10) Following your diet chart during the wedding season

easy yet difficult tasks

Don’t laugh. It is very difficult to stay on diet during the wedding season and variety of food at your disposal. How can you say no to that sumptuous biryani and those free flowing drinks?

11) Giving excuses for why can’t you take this trip to Goa

easy yet difficult tasks

Goa is a place to go when you are planning a trip with your friends. And if unfortunately, you can’t make it, and have to convince your friends that you cannot go, it will sound shallow because you won’t be able to even convince yourself of that.

12) Forgiving and forgetting

easy yet difficult tasks

Forgiving someone of their mistakes, problems they have caused you or hurt you is awfully difficult a task. Revenge is our instinct and when you have to go against your nature to the correct path, every step can be difficult to raise. Forgetting is even more difficult since you can still forgive to show you are generous but you know in your heart of hearts, you will never forget.

13) Being patient with a baby

easy yet difficult tasks

As they say, patience is a virtue acquired over time. But if you have a baby or a toddler in the house, this patience comes as a part of the job. Deep inside you know the baby knows nothing and isn’t deliberately hurting you, but practicing it day in a day out, is nothing less than emptying an ocean.

14) Talking to a person you are crushing on

easy yet difficult tasks

Another difficult task, for which people sometimes regret their whole life. Gathering the courage and talking to the person you have a major crush on. All sort of ways to do that but when it actually comes down to doing, you cower away.

15) Last but not the least, doing something without posting it on Facebook first

easy yet difficult tasks

Facebook is a part and parcel of our lives and it is becoming really… really tough not to post and announce to the public what you are up to these days. Probably you never go out and make friends with neighbours but can you let your Facebook friends forget you? Hell no.

There are many other such small insignificant tasks which we don’t even think about but when it comes to doing it, the reality of it all keeps us up at night.

Tell us which one of these have given you nightmares?


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