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Since You Had It Too Much In The ‘Holi Mood’, Here Is How You Can Get Out Of The ‘Bhangover’

It is Holi (or to be precise Dulhendi) today and we are sure that you would be ready to enjoy the day fully. While the stocks of ‘bhang’ would be ready going a little over is something that would happen. Well, as you might be knowing that to get out of bhang’s hangover it takes around 48 hours.


And since you have to go to the office tomorrow we know you can’t wait that long. So, would you ditch the ‘bhaang wali Holi’?. If you are thinking of it then let the thought go away. Yes, you read it right making sure you have ‘fun’ without any ‘Gum’ here are quick and effective tips to get out of ‘Bhangover’.

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Sour Is The Call Of The Hour

As you start feeling that ‘thodi zayada ho gayi bhaang’ hit into the sour fruits. To begin with, you can go for commonly available ‘Lemon’ by mixing its juice in water. Follow this up with an intake of some more citric fruits.


Go for fruits like Oranges, Grapes, etc and try to avoid any heavy intake during the rest of the day. You would be out of the ‘bhangover’ soon.

Gingering It

The daily use ‘Ginger’ is more than just a mere taste enhancer for your tea. You can take a piece of Ginger and suck the juice out of it. Doing it 2 to 3 times can be really effective to bring it down.


Ginger has known for its properties that can eliminate the effect of intoxication. This simple way can get things done for you.

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The Mustard Oil

Yes, you read it right Mustard oil. If you fail to get a result from the above two then its time to switch to plan ‘B’. You don’t have to consume the ‘Mustard Oil’ directly or indirectly.

Mustard Oil

All you need to do is to take a small amount of it and make it lukewarm. Then ask someone to put 2 to 3 drops of it in your ears. You might feel uneasy for some time but would get the results out of it. Try this one at your own risk.

Flush In Anti-oxidants

This is the best and the simplest way to go about it. After you have had too much just make sure that you have too much of anti-oxidants in your system as well to flush out the bhang.

Green Tea

Get yourself a good amount of greens and herbal (rose or jasmine) tea. Have it at least 2 to 3 times and go for more if you feel like.

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You can opt for any of the methods or combo of methods to get quick results. However, you must not forget to top this up with a quick shower and good long sleep for effective results. Now, go on to have some ‘bhang’ if you have not taken it yet.

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