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Singapore Doctor Injecting Saline Instead Of Covid Vaccine, Suspended

Singapore Doctor Suspended For Injecting Saline

Having connections with an anti-vaccination group, a 33-year-old Singapore doctor is fired for allegedly injecting saline instead of covid vaccines. Saline is a solution of salt and water used for many medical procedures. After injecting the solution he also uploads the faulty reports of vaccinations to the Ministry of Health’s National Immunisation Registry, as per local media.

Dr Jipson Quah after being caught by the officials, gets his medical practitioner registration suspended. Singapore Medical Council (SMC) suspended his registration for 18 months starting from March 23 or until an ineffective measure is taken.

Singapore Doctor Suspended For Injecting Saline

Charges Against Him

Dr Quah, who is a member of the anti-vaccination group known as Healing the Divide, has been charged with plotting to defraud the Ministry of Health (MOH) by entering false vaccination data.

The Singapore Medical Council said that they received a complaint from the Ministry of Health on March 23. After that, the committee expressed that Mr Quah’s suspension “was necessary for the protection of members of the public and in the public interest.”

News Asia reported, “He allegedly grossly overcharged for giving these patients saline solution instead of the vaccine.”

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Creation Of Fake Patients

Creation Of Fake Patients

The doctor is also accused of creating false patient accounts and submitting false COVID-19 ART reports (Antigen Rapid Test). He also provides the patients with false letters so that they can be exempted from vaccinations and safety management measures.

Singapore Medical Council said, “Dr Quah’s actions carry public health consequences and show his failure to maintain the highest standards of moral integrity and intellectual honesty and to protect and promote the health of individuals and the community.

Dr Quah’s assistant & Healing the Divide founder Iris Koh both are facing charges of conspiring to defraud the MOH. Four Clinics that Dr Quah was managing also received suspension from the officials and their approval to conduct COVID-19 testing was revoked.

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