This Man Visits Sites And Monuments Printed On Currency Notes & I’m Adopting It As My New Hobby tbh!!

Anyone interested in collecting currencies – like me – pay more than enough attention to the pictures or inscriptions of famous places or things displayed on currency notes and coins. These insriptions or pictures have a story of their own that is significant to a particular country and its culture.

Happens to be, if not finding the history, EmaadParacha, from Pakistan, is surely interested in visiting all these places displayed on the currencies from across the world.

So he entangled his love for travelling and currency collecting to give us a glimpse of places that you might have only seen on the back of currency notes. And the results are mesmerizing.

Paracha hails from Pakistan and has been clicking such pictures as a part of the Currency Project. He began off by clicking a picture of Mohenjo-Daro displayed on the back of Pakistan’s 20 Rs note. And there is no stopping ever since.

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“I had always noticed it at the back of our 20 rupee note. So when I got there, I asked the guide where the picture was originally taken.”

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New hobby? New hobby.

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