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Skin Care Tips for Brides & Grooms to be, to look Immaculate

Is your big day planned but you have no plan on how to shower love on your skin? If yes, then please allow me to share some of the best skin care tips for brides and grooms to be. You can follow these and look your best on the biggest day of your life.

Every eye in the room is on the bride and groom on their wedding day which puts a lot of pressure on their heads to look their best. Our pimples like to tag along with us on our important days so I can only expect them to be more enthusiastic about the wedding day. To ensure that people get to watch beautiful skin on your wedding day, here are some of the tips that I highly suggest you to follow:

1. Beauty Sleep

The first thing that comes to mind when we talk about flawless skin is a sound sleep. Start with taking a good 8 hours long sleep so that your skin gets proper time to rejuvenate. It will also prevent dark circles from happening.

2. Stay Hydrated

The second thing that comes to mind is hydration. We know that water is the solution for more than half of our problems but we do not give it enough credit. So, now when you have decided to get the skin of your dreams, make sure to stay hydrated.

3. Exercise and Yoga

The glow that comes with face packs is nothing compared to the shine that appears on the skin after a good exercise and yoga session. Even if you do not want to go heavy, then you can start with some light exercise and yoga in the morning which should be good for your skin and body shape, both.

4. Eat Healthy

If you are putting efforts to move your body, then put in the right fuel also. Eat hydrating fruits and keep a healthy diet so that you get the right energy for the exercise while you can also help yourself to get a glowing skin.

5. Meditation

I figured you can also choose to meditate to keep your mind at peace. A mind and body at peace definitely reflects on your skin so I highly suggest you add it into your routine. Even if it is not about the wedding, then too, you must meditate to have a seamless life.

6. Night Skin Care Routine

Our skin heals the best at night and in the best way possible when we sleep properly. Hence, it is the best time to do your skincare routine which has an added benefit of keeping your skin away from pollution, dust, sunlight and other toxins found outside.

7. DIY Face Packs

Get involved in DIY Face Packs so that your skin can get the raw benefits of nature. Mash fruits, mix muds and pour juices to create homemade face packs and let them infuse your skin with the required nutrients and vitamins.

8. Hair Masks

While we are focusing on the face, we are forgetting a major part of it: Hair. You should also take care of your hair by putting some hair masks on them. You can even go for homemade hair masks to retrieve their shine for the big day.

9. Exfoliate Your Body

Now that we have talked about hair too, let’s see what we can do for our body because we can’t obviously put a face mask on it. So, the best thing to do is dry brush your body on a weekly basis and then massage it with good quality essential oils. You should also add in manicures and pedicures in your routine to complete the entire picture.

10. Lip Care

Invest in good lip balms to prepare your lips for the application of multiple lipsticks in the upcoming wedding events and rituals. You can also put rose water, aloe vera gel, beetroot juice and more over them to keep them in the best colour.

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11. Take facials

Facials are there to give you a glowing skin and help you get rid of any kind of skin problems. But they are also supposed to be relaxing if done in the right way possible. So, give your face this rejuvenating and calming experience to become wedding ready. You can also add in body massages to improve the relaxing experience.


These were all the skin care tips for brides and grooms that they must follow to revive their skin in the best way possible. I hope it was of real help to you and you will follow these steps to get the best skin of all time. Even if you are not getting married but simply want good skin, you can follow these tips and get a great looking skin.


Words help me express the unsaid and we have come a long way while walking hand in hand like that so now I write about anything and everything that ignites the spark of inspiration in me.

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