Top 10 Skinniest Indian Celebrities

I want to eat pizza, but I’m on a diet.

Dieting might look hard to most of the people, but for some of our Indian celebrities, it looks like they just love to stay on a strict diet. Maybe, that’s why sometimes they forget the difference between being slim and being skinny.

They end up losing so much weight that they begin to appear like incense sticks. LOL. Just Kidding. Jokes apart, some of them do look too skinny but this clealry doesn’t mean that they look ugly.

Here are the top skinny Indian celebrities, who are rocking their zero size figure-

1. Kalki Koechlin

No doubt, her acting is better than her body. She is one of the skinniest actresses in the Bollywood industry and even if other girls in the industry might not get jealous of her body, they should definitely get concerned with her acting.

2. Shukriti Kandpal

She is beautiful and she is intellectual. You can say she is a beauty with brains. Though her crazy gym routine might be making her a fitness freak, but we should learn something from her. At least dedication.

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3. Nia Sharma

She loves to be like this, so we really can’t say anything about it. In an interview with tellychakra.com, she also mentioned that she won’t put on any weight even if someone pays for it. Now, that’s some dedication to being skinny. Kudos gurl.

4. Krystle D’souza

All the fans of Indian saas-bahu serials might know her by the name of ‘Jeevika Vadhera.’ She is tall and her waist long hair makes her look amazing, even though she looks like a thin-tall-stick. Just saying.

5. Sara Khan

She was not this slim when she made appearance in her first Indian TV serial, Sapna Babul ka bidai. But now, this lady has worked hard on her body, to look even better. No wonder she looks good with her new body, but I feel she can look stunning if she can put-on just a few kilograms. (just a few)

6. Karishma Tanna

She looks hot, I can’t deny that. And girls, you might already know how hard it is to maintain a body like her, right? Her thin arms might look fragile but she is definitely not weak one.

7. Mouni Roy

Who doesn’t know this beautiful lady? I don’t think there is anyone who has never heard about the sexy “Naggin” of Indian television. Her lanky figure might become a topic of interest for media but she is certainly one of the most gorgeous women.

8. Disha Patani

She looks pretty in her thin body and I believe she is the crush of hundreds of boys. Though she has been maintaining a pretty good body, I think she can do better if she learns how to act.

9. Charlie Chauhan

Featured in Indian teen drama’s, she is a pretty little thing. She looks so thin, that you might think of her as physically weak, but don’t worry she can move her body just fine.

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10. Ratan Rajput

If you see how well she has maintained her body, you will certainly feel jealous. I don’t know if this is her body type or she works hard to keep in shape. But I think it’ll be better if she can gain some muscle power.

In Conclusion:

Sometimes, they might look too skinny, but they also look stunning. We should learn some discipline from them, as it is not easy to maintain a slim body. After all, it takes a lot of hard work and willpower to stay in good shape.

So, instead of getting jealous and body shaming them over the internet, we should start appreciating the efforts.

We can try at least, can’t we?
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