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Stop Skipping Breakfast, You Are Increasing Death Risk For Yourself!

Busy mornings and fast working life makes you skip breakfast almost every day, right?

skip breakfast
For you, it might be a regular thing to skip breakfast and hurry to your workplace. You think that it isn’t a big deal and that you can compensate by having a heavy lunch.

But let me tell you, by doing this you are increasing death risk along with a number of other health issues for yourselves.

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Skipping breakfast increases death risk

skipping breakfast death risk

European Journal of Preventive Cardiology published the findings of a study that points to the direction that pupils with an unhealthy lifestyle are more likely to have an early death. The likelihood of such people suffering heart attacks is five times higher than regular folks.

The co-author Marcos Minicucci, from Sao Paolo State University in Brazil opened up about the research and explained the crux of this finding.

He said,’ Our research shows that the two eating behaviors are independently linked with poorer outcomes after a heart attack but having a cluster of bad habits will only make things worse.’

He further added,’ We also think that the inflammatory response, oxidative stress, and endothelial function could be involved in the association between unhealthy eating behaviors and cardiovascular outcomes.’

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Unhealthy lifestyle is the reason

skipping breakfast death risk

The study was held by combining the data of over 113 subjects aged 60 years approx, who had an acute case of heart attack called ST-segment elevation myocardial infarction (STEMI) in their medical history.

Out of the entire group of subjects, roughly 73 % were men and rest were women. The behavior of these patients with acute coronary syndromes was noted during the course. It was observed that 58 % of patients skipped breakfast, 51 % had late dinner and 41 % reflected a combination of both behaviors.

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How to improve eating habits?

skipping breakfast death risk

In order to fulfill the needs of your body, you need to have a two-hour gap before you hit the bed after dinner. This means you need to give your body the time to digest the food before you doze off.  Also, make it a strict habit of not leaving the house without a wholesome breakfast.

If you are really busy in the mornings, instead of eating, try smoothies with low-fat milk, cheese, and fruits. Add whole wheat bread, yogurt, cereals for a healthy and filling breakfast. Remember, breakfast is the first meal of the day and it provides you energy for the whole day.

Stop skipping breakfast if you want to have a healthy and long life!

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