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This Study Proves How Your Sleep And Drinking Habit Affect Your Heart

Poor diet and unhealthy lifestyle is the biggest cause of heart diseases among people around the world. We are taking every possible step to treat or even avoid the chances of getting any cardiovascular disease.

From adapting to the healthy diet to keeping it fit from the outside, we even try medical approaches to treat the conditions of cardiovascular diseases.

Then why are we missing the main weapon that can treat heart diseases? According to study quality of sleep effects on heart.

What was in the Study?

sleep effects on heart

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A study published in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology concluded that poor quality of sleep less than six hours increases the risk of atherosclerosis by 27 per cent.

This varies on gender if a man sleeps less than 6 hours might get affected by the cardiovascular disease in the future. While in case of a woman, if she sleeps more than 8 hours, her chances of getting heart disease might get increased when compared with those who sleep for 6 to 7 hours every night.

Poor quality of sleep causes increased glucose levels, disturbed blood pressure, inflammation and obesity. All these factors increase the risk of heart disease in humans.

How did the study reach the conclusion

sleep effects on heart

This study was performed on 3,974 bank employees among which no-one was suffering from any heart disease. From 3,974 bank employees, two-thirds were men.

Other than concluding the effects of sleep on your heart this study also concluded how alcohol and caffeine intake can disrupt our sleep, causing the risk of heart disease.

sleep effects on heart

Usually, alcohol is considered a good inducer of sleep, but it might cause poor quality of sleep. Your sleep might get disrupted and you will wake up after a short period of sleep. You might have a hard time getting back to sleep after that, causing the poor quality of sleep. Same happens with the people who consume excessive caffeine.

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In Conclusion:

No more watching Netflix late night, no not even reddit. You need to sleep at least 6 hours to keep your heart active and healthy. Pay attention to what you eat, make sure you are not a caffeine addict. Also, remember alcohol will not help you sleep.

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