Small Business Can Do Well On Instagram: Learn How?

Since 2020, it has been a rough path for every small business. Lack of orders, delay in procurement, timely payments are very few among a lot of problems that small businesses have constantly been facing.

Instagram is a social sharing app that we all use everyday. Some of your most favorite brands not only sell you products but they sell you stories.

Now, you don’t remember Levi’s only when you go to a shopping mall but it is in your head almost every day.

Slowly and slowly the brand stories connect with you and before you know it, you are attached to the brand.

If you will look around there are many brands that rose from ashes and now they are doing very well just by using Instagram marketing in a right way.

What is the mantra?

What can provide you an edge when you put your business on Instagram?

Over 1 Billion people use Instagram and a user on an average spends 10-20 minutes everyday.

There is a large pool of influencers that engage with their followers to bring traffic. It makes Instagram one of the most influential social media applications.

If you are a small brand you can weave your own story and convert the traffic into sales. You have come at the right place if you want to get answers.

Make A Business Profile

Start by making a business account on Instagram. It is very easy and there are several benefits of it.

You can also convert your existing profile into business profile.

Doing this will add a contact button to your profile. Your followers can connect with you directly via e-mail or phone number.

A business profile also allows you top create Instagram ads. We will discuss its benefits in some time.


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Use Free Marketing Tools

‘Insights’ is Instagram analytics tool that provides stats about impressions of each post.

You can check demographics of your followers. You can see age, gender, location, and active hours of your audience. This will help you understand whether you are reaching your target audience or not.

If you are not reaching your target audience then you are not doing something right. You need to look into your posts and make suitable changes that will help right audience to find you.

Through Insights you can check which posts are engaging well with audience. You can push such content more and more to drive traffic.


Create Teasing Posts

You cannot bluntly put your product in face of audience.

You need to offer something that will catch attention of audience. This is the opportunity to create a brand story.

For instance, you are a small business that is selling Cotton Sarees. You need to do research why people don’t want to wear sarees. Is it because they are difficult to drape, hard to carry or difficult to style.

Now your work is to create a brand story that tells audience how your product can solve these problems.

Create a post on Easy and Effortless Draping, Styling Tips. Drop Product Teasers.

This has a long term benefit. It might be possible that every time a 22 year old has to drape that style which you posted, she will come to your post and engage with it. There are chances that a bride will share that video will all her bridesmaid to drape their sarees like that on her big day.

Few of those audiences will even look at your products and there are good chances that they will buy it too.

Use Instagram Stories

Instagram stories are very impactful and they catch attention of audience in a whip.

Go to your work unit and make Instagram stories of craftsmen working on products. Bring them into conversation.

This adds a personalized touch to the products. Audience will suddenly feel part of your brand story and they will want to wear a saree made by you.

You can also post boomerangs, slow motion videos. It is the space where you can experiment with content. Conduct poles, get opinion of your audience. You will be surprised to see the results.


Ask For Pictures From Customers

There is one biggest perk of being a small business owner which is you can always ask for support. With every order ask your audience to click pictures and share with you. Ask them to share about reviews online. Remember that each person has its own network and when people rave about you it draws attention.

Even you would not believe if someone will boast about how good they are. If your customers will talk about you, it will leave a voluminous impact.

You can also create posts with pictures of your customers wearing your saree. Always take consent from each individual personally. Some people might not like to be face of a brand post.

Start Using A Brand Hashtag

Feature hashtags in your posts and be creative with them.

Audience can put your unique hashtag in search bar and they will be directed directly to your posts.

Create Trends

Make unique reels using trending or vintage songs.

It always attracts the crowd. If people will love your content they will recreate it. This will give you exposure and you might get a good number of new followers.

Don’t Over Do

You need to understand that you are using Instagram for marketing. You need to analyze on what days and timings your posts perform well. Post only on those days and timings.

If your followers will see that you are posting too much content and you are on their feed all the time. They will unfollow you. This will not be good for business.

You need to give time to make a brand. Don’t rush it and believe that with all these strategies you will get returns. It will reflect on your sales as well, you just have to be patient and consistent.

Siddhant Baranwal

Siddhant is a Content Creator. He has been doing this for past three years and have managed to gain good attention of audiences for his work. He is an active reader and has huge respect for art and theatre.

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