Do You Have Small Feet? If Yes, This Painful Story Of A Grown-up Having Small Feet Is Something You Would Relate To

Read on to find out what they exactly experience!

In times of constantly changing fashion, everyone is looking for stuff that would make them stand out from the crowd.

But that does not alone establish our personality. The way we carry ourselves makes the difference by leaps and bounds.

However, carrying the whole personality doesn’t always mean you gotta shop at Gucci or Prada all the time, whether they look good on you or not. It also means knowing what works with your body type.

Sounds like a cake walk? I don’t think so.

Some of us are short and a bit healthy, some are too thin to carry even the smallest size, some are too bulky that they exceed the plus size. And the list goes on pertaining to everything you buy from head to toe.

A very important accessory to complete the looks is footwear. But there are people who can’t have a desired collection of footwear.

Not because they can’t afford it, but because it is extremely difficult for them to find the right shoe size.  Apparently, these poor fellows are grownups, but their feet still look like a baby’s. Lol!

Are you sailing on the same boat? Then this article is for you to feel a tad bit better.

1. Seeking a perfect size is just impossible

crying gif

Getting a perfect size of the desired footwear is no less than a hunt for a dinosaur’s egg. If you find the design, you won’t find the size and vice versa. Sounds familiar? No happy feet for us.

2. You are secretly inclined to the Kid’s section

Small feet problems funny

This sounds weird to others, but not to you. You may be exploring the adult footwear section in the showroom, but you can’t resist yourself from taking a sneak peek into the kid’s section. Even if it embarrasses you often, your priority is to have a God damn footwear to wear to the office.

Amid all the embarrassment, at least you get your size and amazing designs there. Though it’s weird you may still continue with it. *wink*

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3. Your feet ache as they can’t handle your body weight

crying and worried kid

Oops! Especially those who are overweight and their feet are not on the same page with their body. No matter how comfortable your footwear is, it’s sure to make your feet ache by the end of the day.

4. People tease you by calling you Alien feet

annoyed girl

How mean? Can’t get any uglier than this.

People stare at you and then at your feet which makes you uncomfortable, especially when you are dressed formally. Even your own family often teases you by calling you Alien feet and have a laugh at your cost. Don’t hesitate to smack their jaws babes.

5. Online shopping ditches you

dog typing on laptop

The shops and malls and, stores are hopelessly out of stock and you are only left with online shopping websites. You feel a thrill while selecting your size and wait excitedly for the arrival of that new pair. But the excitement changes to disappointment to serious anger-issues when you find the website ditched you.

Told ya, those websites aren’t trustworthy!

6. Comparing your stock to your friend’s collection

annoyed office girl

Don’t even ask about what goes in your head while you half-heartedly appreciate the footwear collection of your friend with perfect foot size. And she won’t even withhold her excitement while showing off, which makes you wanna punch her right on that silly grin of her’s.

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7. Putting an extra sole into shoes

led glow shoes walking

When all the efforts made to get your perfect size go in vain, you try this trick. It’s actually simple and comfortable. You put on an extra sole inside your footwear to make your feet fit properly. Voila, the problem is solved.

You really think so?

What about when you have to remove your belly and the extra sole pops, dangling out. Real embarrassing!

8. The only thing that fits you is Flip Flops

flip flops feet

That you can find anywhere in the market. Bingo!!

But of course, you can’t wear them with office formals, or that sexy leather skirt you have been saving up for a party. And it would be a social suicide if you wear that awful thing with every outfit, every day.

No! That’s a bad idea indeed.

In Conclusion :

Well, precisely my point. The problem will take time to sort itself out. But sort out it will, when you find a reliable shop who magically has your size.

Until then, we feel your pain, babes. You aren’t alone, many people on this planet with teeny-tiny feet.

So just kick the negativity and chillax.

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