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Smart Wearable And Smart Home Devices That Are Made For Indian Consumers

When I close my eyes and think of the time when I was a small kid, I can clearly feel how different my childhood was in terms of technology.

There weren’t any smart wearable and smart home devices around me. All I could get my hands on were kitchen utensils, mum’s drawer items and sometimes office stationery from my dad’s room.

But now, it’s all about smart wearable and smart home products helping mankind in every possible way. Though India is far behind in terms of its people being tech-savvy, the rise of smart products in my life has made me a believer that these products do changes lives.

And with brands like Flipkart, which makes smart wearable and smart home devices readily available, it saves a lot of time and effort. I am talking about the changes that are finding its beginning in the humble low grounds that no one could have imagined. As everyone is different, their use of technology is also different.

Here is what I have observed in day to day lives and I feel so that smart wearables and smart devices are the best addition to my life and others-

1. Smart TV

Smart Wearable And Smart Home smart tv

I wanted a Smart TV to watch NETFLIX on big screen when no one is home. And so, there I was at the showroom picking the best one. Stupid me, I thought it only will be and my smart TV. I ‘ll play games, binge-watch Netflix.

But this wasn’t an option anymore when I realized my mom had found her way to use a smart TV. (And no one can mess with moms.)

With the help of smart TV, she got introduced to the online streaming service. She doesn’t have to worry about missing her favorite shows as all of them are already available on streaming services. The best part for her is (btw- not so best for other people in the family) that she can watch two episodes back to back.

And hey, you can’t disturb her at all. And if you do, GOD SAVE YOU!

2. Smartphones and google maps

Smart Wearable And Smart Home smartphone

If you are a traveler or you have just moved to a new city, you know the benefits of this technology. Usually, people use GPS technology to find someone’s location or to get directions to reach an unknown location.

But did you know, auto drivers only use it to check the traffic condition in a certain area?

People like auto drivers and cab drivers are well versed with the city. Naturally, they don’t need to check maps to get directions, all they need is the traffic update. Good thing is that apart from smart wearable and smart home, these smartphones are a cheaper alternative to be close to smart technology that even people on low income can afford.

Thanks to the smartphones, at least now they know the best way to dodge that never-ending traffic.

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3. Smart wearable that my grandpa uses to check on Bp and heart rate

Smart Wearable And Smart Home

ViralBake Telegram

After getting inspired by Casey Nistat’s videos my grandpa, (who is now 72 years old btw) made a resolution to start running every day. I tried to convince him out of this idea of physical labor, but he had already made his mind.

Can’t fight the man who taught me how to ride a motorbike, so instead, I gifted him a RiverSong fitness band that can track how long he had run.

Thankfully, this band also offers other features like heart rate monitoring, blood pressure, night sleep counter as well. But the main thing is, it is reliable. You might question- are these smart technologies actually helpful? Can a 2k smart-band compete with a 20k medical apparatus? Well, from my personal point of view, they are.

Their advanced features like heart rate alarm and blood pressure alarm can actually help your family to avoid any serious medical fall.

4. Smart Lights and Switches

Smart Wearable And Smart Home Smart lights

When I was in school, I remember having daydreams of getting into stores where front doors are automatic, and all the light in the room respond to your voice commands. Thanks to #SmartHomeRevolution, things have changed.

Now, when I visit my uncle’s place (who has a big bungalow), I see everything is automated. The lights, the doors, the entire freaking house.

I still can’t believe, all those fictitious technologies of smart wearable and smart home that I dreamt of as a child are becoming a part of my real life. The ease of remotely turning on/off a particular electrical appliance that is connected to the smart switch makes me see the technological development first hand. I feel like a kid all over again.

And to be honest, it looks super cool, when you can change the color of smart lights according to your mood.

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5. Smart Speakers (A.I. enabled devices)

Smart Wearable And Smart Home speakers

With the help of Google and Apple, A.I. technology is readily available to everyone now. With the help of Google assistant and Apple’s SIRI, you can imagine the capabilities of this modern technology.

I always carry an A.I (my beloved SIRI) inside my pocket and really use it, but after owning ‘Google home’ it really feels that I have converted my house in a real smart home.

I’m able to control all the smart devices inside my house with the help of my voice. And trust me, it’s just so much fun. From turning on my favorite show to reading emails, A.I. technology feels pretty useful. Not just to me but to my niece as well, as she likes to take help from Google assistant to complete her 2nd-grade homework.

But we just make sure mom is not around, because we both know she won’t like the idea of getting homework done this way!

In Conclusion:

I know some products feel like they are a little bit complicated, and people can’t become an expert user overnight. But, I feel that eventually, it will become an everyday chore that seems to be hard-wired in the human brain. Just like when I began using mobile phones, I never thought I would be able to work on an Apple machine, but now, I do. And yeah, I do feel smart and confident.

As an Indian, I would recommend smart wearable and smart home devices like- smart Tv’s, smart speakers and smart bands for Indian population because I feel these products would be something that Indians can easily adapt to. So, go #GetFitWithFlipkart and make your lives simpler as I have made mine.

I swear-  before smartphones, googling was a task. Thankfully, not anymore!

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