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This Cutest Snoot Dog Challenge Is The New Talk Of The Town And It’s Time To Try This Out Right Away

Do try this fun challenge with your pet and have a great time!

As soon as some interesting challenge pops up on the internet, everyone goes batshit crazy over it.  Even if it’s weird or bizarre.

In fact, the word ‘Viral’ in itself going viral. Here’s one we ought to take about –

‘The Snoot Dog Challenge’- more like the cute dog challenge.

It involves the dog and the owner and its cute as hell. For a change, it has nothing to do with those deadly challenges like momo challenge, fire challenge we have been hearing about. Nor is it linked with Fitness challenge.

You probably have already come across all of them. It’s been spreading like wildfire and going viral for a year now. Best part, you don’t have to fear this fire.

Lots of people around the world are taking up this challenge involving their cutest pet dogs. Some are experimenting with their cats and rabbits too.

Snoot Dog Challenge

So, what’s this Snoot Dog Challenge is all about? Well, basically it is a game wherein the owner makes a shape with hands, fingers or any object; and the pet needs to fix its nose into that shape. The dog owners train their pets in advance so that the moment they make the shape, their pet knows to jump up to fit into the shape.

It requires some training sessions with the pet and a perfect coordination to get the best results. Interesting way to make your pet go viral, isn’t it?

Here are some pictures and videos of ‘The Snoot Dog Challenge’-

Look, how cutely it has fit its nose. Lovely it is!

Seems like he is more eager for the treat he is going to get after, so he wants to get it over with. Lol!

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Wow! this one seems to be a perfectly trained and good obedient doggy.

But it doesn’t always go as planned for the owner. Here are some epic videos fails when your dog ignores you completely, and this comes out as a result.

ViralBake Telegram

This cute baby is not at all willing to go for this challenge. Maybe too many treats made him lazy. Haha!

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Lol! Now this is hilarious. This naughty guy is acting all scared.

‘Let go of it dude, I am not doing this crazy shit. Lol!

Well, no treat, no challenge, huh!

It sure as hell is interesting. And not like those deadly challenges we come across on the internet.

This one brings a smile in the middle of a stressful day.

The best part is to imagine how adorable the breeds like Shiatsu, Lhasa, Apso or toy pom would look with a shape wrapped around their little noses.‘Awww.. So cute’…right?

Go and try this fun-filled Snoot Challenge with your pooch right away.


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