Anushka Sharma Is Past Now, Atif Aslam’s Sochta Hoon Memes Are The New Viral Fodder

All thanks to internet that we have so much to laugh about.

The moment you open your mobile, these laughables fall off the sky to tickle our bones. Seriously I mean, had internet not been there, we would have still been stuck watching those moronic Saas-Bahu serials.

But now… we have so much fresh content to sweep away our daily blues. There is always some stupid yet funny videos going viral. Some steamy gossips about Bollywood celebs. And always surfacing funny memes on those corrupt politicians that make us laugh all day long.

sochta hoon song

Sometimes it gets exaggerated to the point of being irritating, but we certainly enjoy telling others about that viral video we saw this morning or some amusing memes. *wink*

This time, it’s from the Bollywood. The new song by Atif Aslam from Shahid’s upcoming movie ‘Batti gull meter chaalu’ is trending with it’s funniest memes.

The song goes like- Sochta hun ki wo itne masoom the, kya se kya ho gye dekhte dekhte. Wow! Beautiful lyrics. However, take a look at the memes of the song, and you would go ROFLing on the floor literally in seconds.

So, sit tight and get ready to laugh out loud.


Lol! Who knew. Right?


Okay! Now this is something that totally goes with the lyrics. *wink*


Keep your eyes closed!


O teri! This is a transformation.


My story. Huh!


Haha! I’m loving it.


sochta hoon memes


This is some serious shit. Lolz!


I used to wonder how come this happened. Still wonder!


Indian crush?? Really!


Pictures on the right are next to perfect!


Aisa mere sath kyu nai hota!


Haha! Going backwards!!

Think your creative mind has already began churning out memes of this song, don’t forget to share.

Also let us know how you like these funny memes.
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