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Sodium Laureth Sulfate In Shampoos Is Destroying Your hair, Start Co-Washing And Quit Shampoo

Do you frequently shampoo your hair?

Like every day, or every other day? If yes, I hate to break it to you but you are destroying your hair. The sodium laureth sulfate in shampoos is harmful to your locks. Each time you expose your hair to the bubbles of shampoo, you are depriving them of their strength.

Is Sodium Laureth Sulfate in shampoos bad?

sodium laureth sulfate in shampoos

Most of the shampoos have this ingredient present in them which basically creates the bubbles and froth while you wash your hair. What you don’t know is that it strips away the natural protective layer of oil.

This, in turn, gives your body the signal that it needs to cope up with the amount by extra production of oil. As a result, your hair becomes oily and your scalp starts irritating you. You feel that your hair is oily and you end up washing your hair, again and again. Hence, repeating the vicious cycle of stripping natural oils by shampooing.

So, is oil bad for your hair?

sodium laureth sulfate in shampoos

Of course not, a little amount of natural oil is good for your hair. But as soon as you expose your hair to the sodium laureth sulfate in shampoos, the production increases and messes the natural tone of your hair. You blame it up on pollution and dust and whatnot. But the real culprit is the chemical in shampoos that you regularly use on your hair.

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What is co-washing?

sodium laureth sulfate in shampoos

If you are fairly new with the term ‘Co-washing’, let me tell you what it is. Co-washing is simply skipping shampoo and applying conditioner instead. When you skip shampoo and co-wash, your hair receives the moisture it lacks.

Also, skipping shampoo ensure that your hair isn’t stripped off of its natural oils. If you have curly hair, this will help you even more. As curly hair needs extra moisture and oils to maintain smooth and soft locks. When you co-wash your curls, you will see that they are set for a long time and also are less frizzy.

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Effects of co-washing

sodium laureth sulfate in shampoos

If you quit shampooing altogether and switch to co-wash you will notice the difference in your hair within a few washes. To begin with, you will find that your hair is manageable and less frizzy. They will retain their natural shine and will become stronger than before.

In case you are still in doubt, that how are you supposed to take out the dirt and pollution from your hair, don’t worry. All you need to do is wash your hair with regular water and apply a little bit of conditioner afterwards. Rinse it again after a few minutes. Don’t use hot or cold water as it will just make it frizzy.

You will find that your hair is clean and not stripped of oils. Eventually, you will find that the growth of your hair has enhanced and you can really let them down the way they are. You won’t require to spend a lot of time straightening or using the drier to get a presentable look.

It will look good naturally because your hair and scalp will be well balanced with oils and the natural ph levels will be maintained.

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Quit shampoo, start co-wash

Not only will it save you a fortune but it will also save your hair from going through a lot of trouble. Save your hair from the harsh chemicals and say bye-bye to sodium laureth sulfate in shampoos.

Work out your way to the tips with conditioner and massage your scalp. Then cover your locks all the way to the tip. Leave it for a few minutes and wash it off with normal water. In a weeks time, your hair will adjust to this new routine and you will gift yourself ‘everyday good hair day’ pack!

Afterall, you do love ‘good hair day’, don’t you?

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